ProForm ZE 5 Elliptical Review

The ProForm ZE5 Elliptical is an attractive, colorful machine.

The ProForm ZE5 Elliptical starts with a rear drive design & 13 lb. Inertia Enhanced Flywheel that offers a smooth and quiet operation. I like rear drive machines as they are usually better at capturing a true elliptical motion. The ZE5 comes with a pair of oversized foot pedals that are adjustable, so you can find the foot position that best fits you for comfort and stability. It has an adjustable stride length that allows you to work different muscle groups or for users of different heights. The ZE5 Elliptical can accommodate a maximum user weight of 275 lbs. It has a SpaceSaver Design to help you recapture your living space when the elliptical is not in use. Pretty cool!

The ProForm ZE5 Elliptical has some wonderful features such as iFit Workout Card Technology. You can plug-in your iFit Workout Card straight into the console and enjoy the voice of a Certified Personal Trainer coaching you throughout your workout to help you get motivated and reach your goal quickly. The iFit work out card is sold separately and it is available in different workout programs. You can plug-in your iPod or MP3 Player into the InterplayTM Music Port and listen to your music through the built-in Intermix AcousticTM 2.0 Sound System.

Some additional features of the ProForm ZE5 Elliptical are:

  • 16 Built-In Workouts selection
  • Upper-Body Workout to make your muscles evenly tone
  • Dual-Grip EKGTM Heart Rate Monitor for easy heart rate monitoring
  • CoolAirTM Workout Fan to help you get cooler during workout
  • CD Monitor to display your workout statistics

The ProForm ZE5 Elliptical is protected with a Lifetime Warranty on the Frame and 1 year on parts and labor. Don’t buy this one without also purchasing a good extended warranty that will cover your electronics, parts, and labor.

You can find the ProForm ZE5 Elliptical on-line (i.e. no tax), shipping included for less than $600. This is simply a great value, especially for the first time elliptical buyer on a tight budget.


The ProForm ZE5 elliptical trainer is no longer being sold. You can check out all of the latest ProForm models here or the older ProForm models still for sale at the Amazon website.