Schwinn A40 EllipticalSchwinn A40 Elliptical

Web Price: $599 | Sale Price: $375

With a fixed stride length of only 17 inches the A40 is not the best choice despite the under $400 price tag. The sub-par warranty suggests that Schwinn is expecting the machine to break down on you after a short amount of time, and some users have seen this happen.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 2.5 / 5.0

275 lbs
Stride Length:
56″L x 23.7″W x 64.5″H

UPDATE: The Schwinn A40 is an older model but it’s still available for sale. Check it out here.

Expert Reviews

Experts are not too keen on the Schwinn A40, as it is a very basic machine with not too much going for it. Here is a sampling of what many of them have to say about this basic elliptical.

“With its 275-pound user weight capacity, this unit is marked with a relatively high weight capacity for a budget cross trainer. However, it only weighs 90 pounds, which makes the capacity claim seem a bit exaggerated. Personal trainers recommend this machine to people weighing 170 pounds and less.” – Elliptical Reviews Net

“Unfortunately, $400 is not much in the exercise world and Schwinn definitely sacrificed the quality of parts to build the A40. It’s noticeable and durability of the trainer is certainly questionable.” – Fit Rated

“The Schwinn A40 is a very basic elliptical that was designed for entry level users who just want a decent quality elliptical at a reasonable price.” – Elliptical Machine Reviews

Most agree that it is OK for those looking for a very simple machine for basic use…i.e. rehabilitation, casual walking, use by the elderly. Anything more than that and it just doesn’t stand up to the competition. A better option if you’re set on Schwinn is the 430 elliptical, which offers a lot more for an additional couple of hundred dollars.

User Reviews

The Schwinn A40 has a bad rap among its users, but it seems that the redesigned model is fairing better than the older one…

This is a sampling of what users had to say about the original…

“my machine suffered a major structural failure after only seven months of light usage. The shaft that attaches the right-hand pedal arm to the crank broke off where it was welded in place…I am neither a large nor heavy person, and it rarely saw more than 20 minutes of use per day, six days a week… I contacted Schwinn about this and got NO satisfaction whatsoever. Even though the Owner’s Manual CLEARLY says the “frame,” which is the part that broke, is warranted for two years, the Schwinn rep refused to honor the warranty and said I’d have to buy a new part.” – Terry Sunday, Amazon customer

“It is disappointing. The strides are not long enough even for this 5′ 6″ tall person. The display is almost unreadable. The numbers are OK, but the words are too small to read. It definitely needs an adapter, although it can work with 4 DC batteries. The trainer is sturdy, but with squeaking noises.” – Vasuki, Amazon customer

“I never take the time to write reviews, but this one really upset me. The marketing department made the Schwinn A40 look a lot nicer then it really is. I looked around for an eliptical for a while and ended up choosing this one. After I got it all put together. (Sent two left side leg connectors. Said I would have to ship entire product back to get replacment.) I would not pay $50 for this at a yard sale, even if it did have the right pieces. Very cheaply made product. I will end up purchasing a different eliptical in a real store where I can see the product first.” – Elliott, Amazon customer

““It seems as though this could have been a great machine, but unfortunately, to save costs, the company gave me really cheap-quality screws to put it together. I am a 49 year-old woman with severe arthritis in my hands. I should never have been able to break the screws off in the machine, just by tightening them. Big disappointment.”” – M. Donovan, Amazon customer

However, the newer model has been receiving much better reviews, and it now gets 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon’s site, a marked improvement. Users note the value, the updated console, the workout variety and the ease of use. Still, this is a basic machine, and the short, 17″ stride will be uncomfortable for most users, especially those who are on the taller side.


The updated version of the Schwinn A40 elliptical trainer is an improvement on the previous model, but remains a very basic, entry-level choice for those who simply don’t need a quality machine. The warranty is really not great, so if you do decide to purchase this machine make sure you get an extended warranty with it to cover yourself.

As we mentioned, the stride is only 17″ which is really short, so even those over 5′ 5″ will find it uncomfortable to use. If this applies to you take a look at the other models like the 430 and the 470 which offer much more generous stride lengths, among other enhanced features that make them a better value overall.