Smooth Agile DMT X2 At A Glance

Hello everybody, I hope that you all are having a good day. Since I like doing different things from time to time, I decided to do an elliptical review today; this one is of the Smooth Agile DMT X2. See how it compares to the rest!

It seems that treadmill names get crazier and crazier with the times. This one is a perfect example look at how long it is! Smooth Agile, now that would be a good name, adding the DMT part is pushing it; but adding the last part, X2, by then I’m thinking: “This is a single product, am I really still reading its title?!”. Maybe that’s just me.

Anywho, it’s title is not important. So let’s get down to business. The Agile DMT X2 is a great elliptical trainer. It has pretty good quality. Perhaps the most notable part of this elliptical is its features. It has Smooth’s version of a virtual personal trainer that tracks your progress, creates workouts for you. It also has some pretty challenging pre-set workouts. Some things that I really like about this elliptical is the magnetic brake system that makes it smoother than the brand name! The pivoting foot pedals are also a big plus because they move like your body naturally does, not making you do weird movements. Check out its specs At A Glance.

**2015 UPDATE** This elliptical is no longer available for purchase and the current lineup isn’t so great. Check out NordicTrack ellipticals for a comparable machine.