Smooth Agile DMT Elliptical Review


Today I got the chance to personally review the new Smooth Agile DMT (Dynamic Motion Trainer), and it is everything I could have asked for in an Elliptical and more. At first sight I thought someone brought back an elliptical from the future, and in a sense the Sensei was right. The Agile DMT is the next generation in elliptical trainers and it is easy to see why. Where all other ellipticals struggle, this single machine excels.

One new part about the Agile is the fact that unlike most other elliptical machines, this machine actually works the upper body and abdominals. Unlike other machines, which will take your body along for the ride, and focus mostly on the legs, the Agile forces your upper body to work and push itself throughout the workout.

Another surprising change in elliptical workouts with this machine is the monotony of continuous movement along a single direction and repetitive movements. This is once again where the Agile rises above the pack introducing variable workouts, which vary in intensity, and also the muscles worked during the training. And provides a great workout for anyone with stride lengths varying from 19-39 inches, and a weight of 390lbs, makes this the most sturdy, and versatile trainer on the market.

The physical workout is not all that’s new to the Agile either. With the major changes in design and purpose Smooth also made a few changes to the controls, adding thumb controls in addition to the console controls, allowing you to change intensity without having to take your hands off the handles. These controls allow for over 240 different workouts including 12 different types of movement, all on the same machine.

Add to this award winning package is Smooth’s famous warrantee. With the purchase of an Agile DMT, Smooth guarantees a lifetime warrantee on the frame, and a 5-year warrantee on all other parts.

Despite the price tag on this Trainer, the Agile is worth every penny, and then some. With Smooth’s innovation of the elliptical, Treadmill Sensei gives the Smooth Agile DMT 4 out of 5.

**2015 UPDATE** The Smooth Agile DMT is no longer available for purchase. If you are interested in a Smooth elliptical trainer you can check out all of the latest models here.