Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical Review

Smooth CE 3.6The Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical has an ergonomic, pivoting foot pedal system which gives it a great value. This ergonomic system stimulates your body’s natural motion by keeping the lower body aligned, which ultimately protects your ankles, knees, and hips.

Disappointingly, this elliptical does not have the largest stride length. For example, the Smooth CE 3.0DS has a 21″ stride length, while the CE 3.6 only has 18″. The elliptical with the larger stride length is priced lower, however, it does not have the ergonomic foot pedal system, so it just depends on what you’re after.

As far as features go, this elliptical is pretty packed. First off, the ergonomic pivoting pedal system, the magnetic resistance, the fixed stride type, and the backlit LCD display type. There are many more that I will mention later. I’ve got to save the best for last, don’t I?

Here are just a few little last minute specifications that you may need to know if you want to purchase this elliptical. The footprint dimensions are: 76″L x 26″W x 67″H, the max weight is: 300lbs, and the overall unit weight of the machine is: 175lbs. As far as programs go, you will be getting 10 built-in programs with 16 intensity levels.

The top features on the Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical are:

  • iPod Docking Station with Speakers
  • Tilt and Go Wheels
  • Wireless Heart Rate Control
  • Oversized, Backlit LCD Display
  • Built in Adjustable Fan
  • Full Upper Body Workout with Moving Handlebars
  • Virtual Fitness Trainer

The Smooth CE 3.6 offers a great value for a pretty affordable price. It seems to be a pretty well-built machine and Smooth has a great reputation for their engineering. Even if the machine does have any problems, Smooth offers a great warranty to back it up. The warranty is lifetime on the frame and braking, 5 years on the parts, and 2 years on the labor. You cannot really go wrong with this warranty, and if you are a little worried, just buy an extended warranty and you should be fine.

**2015 UPDATE**

This elliptical is no longer available for purchase. If you are interested in a Smooth elliptical trainer you can check out all of the latest models here.