Smooth E4250 Vertical Trainer Review

The Smooth E4250 Elliptical is a vertical stepper trainer that combines the workout of a stair stepper with the motion of an elliptical. This is one of the more unique elliptical/vertical trainers on the market.

This vertical trainer has a few unique characteristics about it. First, it has the orthopedic cushioned foot pedals that are adjustable, which gives the user a comfortable workout. Second, it has the Electromagnetic Brake System that allows for smoother transitions and stops even during strenuous workouts. Last, this vertical trainer has an extra-large backlit LCD display and an integrated book and tablet rack all in the console. Oh, and this is the only other elliptical trainer that has 21 workout programs. I guess there is more to this machine than I thought.

As mentioned above, this vertical trainer has 21 built-in workout programs. The only other elliptical you can find at Smooth that has 21 programs is the Smooth CE 8.0 LC Elliptical. So, as you can see this vertical trainer is one of the better values of the elliptical trainers. It is actually priced lower than the others, as well! Overall, I’d have to say this vertical trainer offers a pretty decent machine for its price.

This machine is packed full with value. It comes with many features and the specifications are not too bad to boot! The max user weight is a surprising 400 lbs, which means the vertical trainer must be pretty sturdy and strong. The stride length on this machine is a large 21″ and the type is fixed. The resistance level on this trainer is electromagnetic. And in case you forgot, the pedal type is the impressive orthopedic cushion. And if this is not enough for you, remember the console has a large blue back lit LCD screen. That’s not all.. The warranty on this machine is amazing. The frame and braking is warrantied for a lifetime, parts for 7 years, and labor for 2 years. As always, Smooth impresses us again with their excellent warranty.

The top features on the Smooth CE 8.0 LC Elliptical are:

  • Wireless Chest Belt
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • 21 Challenging Programs
  • Blue BackLit LCD Display
  • Orthopedic Cushioned Foot Pedals
  • 21″ Stride Length
  • Virtual Fitness Trainer
  • Tilt and Go Wheels
  • SmoothSound Audio System

The Smooth E4250 Vertical Trainer is a unique addition to the Smooth family. It has many great features and specifications. The price is placed right in the middle of all the ellipticals. There are some cheaper and some more expensive, but this one deserves to have a look at, because it has some of top features of the high priced ellipticals and it has better values than the lower priced ellipticals as well.