Smooth RE 13.95Smooth RE 13.95

Web Price: $6,999 | Sale Price: $3,499

A step up from its sister model, this high quality elliptical offers some great features and capabilities.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

400 lbs
Stride Length:

We conducted our Smooth RE 13.95 elliptical review at the same time as the other models to give the best possible comparison for you.

The Smooth RE 13.95 is their elite model elliptical trainer, priced at $3,499, in their new line that consists of the RE 11.35, RE 11.55, RE 13.75 and the RE 13.95, released in 2015. The difference between this model and all of their other models in their line is the exquisite attention to performance quality and entertainment features.

Let’s get into our review by highlighting some of the special features:

Power Intensity Ramp

Manually change the incline or decline of your stride for a better, fat-torching workout. You can use this to target your quads, your glutes, and calves to experience a more balanced workout.

10 Inch Full Color Screen with Android Browser

This exquisite 10-inch touchscreen makes your entertainment options limitless. You can connect to your home’s wireless network to catch up on your favorite blogs, stay on top of emails, read the news, and so much more.

iFit Built In

This unique fitness tracker optimizes the way you work out. It enables you to be able to measure your fitness with stats such as your distance, heart rate, speed, duration, etc. You can also customize your own workout schedule and store your workout history online. You can also choose to work out with famous fitness mogul Jillian Michaels, elliptical your way through the streets of Paris, France vicariously via Google Maps, and personalize your own goal-specific programs.

Adjustable Stride

Manually change the incline or decline or your stride for a better, fat-torching workout. You can use this to target different muscle groups to experience a more balanced training experience.

1-Step Incline/Decline controls

The decline control (-3 – 0%) allows you to focus on those lower-leg muscles that are often underworked. The incline (up to 20%) allows you to focus on your glutes and lower body, but further cranking up the incline allows you to integrate endurance and strength training in as well.

Additional features: Cooling fan and water bottle holder built in.

Guru Test Drive

The first thing that I noticed about this machine was the undeniable quality. It’s extremely well-made with a sturdy, steel frame and a 400 pound weight capacity.

I appreciated the adjustable stride because it definitely increased the usefulness of this machine in our family. For example, one of our testers is 5′ 3″ and another is over 6 feet tall. Both of them could use this with ease, and agreed that it perfectly mimicked their own natural striding motions. This could definitely be used with people of varying weights as well, further adding to the versatility of the model. The only part that I would change about this is the lack of cushioning on the foot pad that the RE 11.35 model provided.

Smooth did a great job of building the Set-a-Goal workout center in with the Power Intensity Ramp because the workout center automatically changes your speed, incline, or decline in order to best match your selected workout goal. There are no additional buttons to worry over, or numbers to constantly check. You just set your goal at the beginning and cruise through your workout.

There are 9 built in workout apps, in comparison to the 30 that are offered with the RE 11.35. However, this model offers an entertainment charging station. The downside to this, however, is that speakers and an audio port are not included. This confuses me, since they offer such an elite entertainment package that is almost all-inclusive. Please also note that even though iFit is built in, the membership fees are not included.

You can also keep stats on your heart rate during your workout with dual-grip heart rate monitor. The two-hand grip sensors are built into the handlebars of the machine. It’s also compatible with the Polar Wireless Chest strap, so if your hands come off the machine, you can continue to get a heart rate reading throughout your workout. However, the entry-level model, the SE 11.35, includes the wireless chest strap feature in its much lower price.

The front-drive design provides a powerful machine that is more compact, and incredibly easy to use. Again, like its other models, the whir of this machine is definitely not unbearable and suited for residential use.

The warranty on this machine leaves something to be desired. This machine offers a 7 year frame, 2 year part, and a 1 year labor and console warranty. Other machines at this price point are almost standardized to come with a lifetime warranty with the frame, and at least some coverage on the motor.

Final Thoughts

For those of you who want to marry your love for challenging yourself on a machine with entertainment, the package that this model provides is pretty impressive. The model is definitely very sturdy and built to last, compact, and quiet to use. Its versatility comes in handy for households with multiple people who want to use this machine.

You can check out the Smooth RE 13.95 at the manufacturer site and see if it’s the right choice for you. There you can take a look at the other models as well. All of them are great choices, it just depends on what features you are looking for.