Smooth RE 11.55Smooth RE 11.55

Web Price: $3,499 | Sale Price: $1799

A step up from the 11.35 but not too many bonuses included.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

300 lbs
Stride Length:
76″ L x 26″ W x 67″ H

We conducted our Smooth RE 11.55 elliptical review alongside its sister, the entry level RE 11.35, to make the comparisons between the two models.

The Smooth RE 11.55 is a mid-range level elliptical trainer, priced at $1799, in Smooth’s new line that consists of the RE 11.35, RE 11.55, RE 13.75 and the RE 13.95, released in 2015. Smooth’s long lasting durability combined with its consumer-friendly prices make it a great brand to invest in.

Let’s get into it with some of the highlights:

Quick Decline/Quick Incline – This allows you to customize your workout by focusing on different muscle groups, or strengthening your cardiovascular endurance. Decline capability is something unique that you won’t find on most machines these days.

Adjustable Workout Center

The Set a Goal workout center allows you to set a goal, and the machine adjusts accordingly to help you meet that goal. This enables you to track your improvement, challenge yourself, and keep you accountable. The build in CrossFlow Workout Fan works in conjunction with this by adjusting the cooling speed to match the intensity of your workout.

iFit Enabled

This fitness tracker transforms your workout. It allows you to display Google Street View images, adjusting the machine’s incline in accordance with the location of your choice, and simulates your workout from anywhere in the world, without leaving your machine. You can also measure your fitness by viewing your distance, heart rate, speed, duration, and more.

Power-Adjustable Stride

This allows each user to adjust the stride to his or her own natural stride length, making it versatile for the entire family member. It will also allow you to change your own stride during a workout so you can target different muscle groups. This can also up the calorie burn during a workout.

Notable add-ons: Fan and water bottle holder

The Guru Test Drive

There are several improvements that make it better than its counterpart entry-level sister, but in my opinion, not so many that it justifies the additional $1000 price difference. First and foremost, it has a higher weight capacity at 400 pounds. Both the RE 11.35 and the RE 13.75 stand at a capacity of 350 pounds. Second, its display screen is bigger than the RE 11.35. This one has a 10 inch full color, HD display screen; the RE 11.35 has a 7 inch full color, HD display screen. The RE 13.75 has a display screen that can be described as primitive looking, at best, since it has a LED Matrix Display instead.

The biggest improvement from the RE 11.35, though, is the QuickDecline, QuickIncline technology that is included in this model. The incline goes up to 20% and the decline goes from 0 to -3%. This machine could be used by my family members who favor the strength benefits from the additional incline, as well as by me, who favors the cardio benefits of a higher resistance.

Both the RE 11.55 and the RE 13.75 offer 20 different resistance levels, but the RE 11.35 offers 24. As for the power adjustable stride, which all of the models offer, it added to the versatility of the machine which has proved to be a great addition. Everyone who has used it, whose heights run the gamut from 5′ 5″ to 6’5″ who has used it can mimic their natural, comfortable stride because of the power adjustable stride.

The quality of the Smooth Fitness models never fails to impress. It’s built with an incredibly sturdy solid steel frame, and the Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) technology makes it a smooth, quiet, and reliable stride. I can still keep the TV at a reasonable volume and hear all of the dialogue that’s going on without being drowned out by the whirr of the motor, which makes this a great residential machine.

Additionally, the warranty on this one is a step up from the RE 11.35. This machine includes a lifetime frame, 5-Year Parts, 3-Year Labor, 1-Year Electronics Warranty. This is comparable to offers from other ellipticals in this price range, such as the NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS7i and the E98 SOLE elliptical.

I was disappointed to learn that even though this model was iFit enabled, the module itself was not included in the price of the elliptical, meaning that I had to pay an additional $99 per year in order to access the features online. The weight of the flywheel was also not published on the manufacturer’s website, which was disappointing. The amount of workout apps from the Smooth RE 11.35 to the 11.55 model declined from 30 to 9.

Additionally, the quality of the foot pedals had also decreased. In the low-range model, the pedals had plush red cushions that made it very comfortable to stand in and stride. However, this mid-range model, as well as its more expensive sister, the Smooth RE 13.75, also did not have cushions, leaving much to be desired in terms of comfort level. While using this machine, my feet did not feel as supported. The experience of using this does not match up with the price I paid for it. Though this model also includes the great dual-grip heart rate sensors, it does not come with the wireless heart rate strap that the RE 11.35 did.

Final Thoughts

The Smooth RE 11.55 is a good, easy to use machine that is optimal for residential living and is versatile for the body types of a variety of people. However, the fact that it is not such a big step up from the entry-level model, as well as the decrease in apps, resistance, and cushioning, do not make up for its additional benefits in warranty and resistance. If you are a beginner or intermediate user, you might be better off sticking with the entry-level machine and saving your money.

That said, the Smooth R.E. 11.55 is a solid elliptical that compares well to other ellipticals in the price range. You won’t be disappointed when buying and using any Smooth elliptical trainer.