Smooth Fitness Brand Review – The Grandfather of Internet Fitness

In spite of having run this website since June 2006, the Treadmill Sensei is actually pretty internet and computer ignorant. Now, I have been online since the mid 1990s, but I’ve only ever used my computer for email and for playing games online (something I enjoy, but have less and less time for every day). The idea of starting a “blog” was completely alien to me and I didn’t even know what that term meant until my wife and daughter suggested I start one after hearing me complain about the shady dealings of other treadmill review sites for the thousandth time. I guess that was their way of telling me to “shut up” about it!

Smooth Fitness, on the other hand, has been one of the leading fitness websites since around 1996 and is easily the most successful treadmill/elliptical manufacturer online. Smooth Fitness as a fitness retailer has been around since the early 80s but has only been producing the Smooth treadmills and ellipticals since the late 90s.

Because Smooth sells its units direct to customers instead of going through retail outlets, there are no additional costs associated with a “middleman.” What that means is Smooth can sell its higher end units at a much lower cost, allowing a customer to buy a near commercial quality unit for a very low price. You can see the difference of going manufacturer direct by comparing a $999 Smooth 5.25 to most everything in its price range…the Smooth will out-perform just about everything.

In the past Smooth’s ellipticals were a bit under featured and over-priced, but they’ve taken a huge step in the right direction this year. With new longer strides, better consoles and great pricing, the Smooth CE2.1 and CE 3.2 ellipticals are now some of the best units in the $1000-$1700 price range. Smooth’s star unit is its Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical, which is one of the finest units just under $2000 and one of the best rear drive ellipticals ever produced for the home market.

Bottom line here is, you can’t go wrong with a Smooth elliptical trainer. Read more about that here.