Stamina Avari E175Stamina Avari E175

Web Price: $749.99 | Sale Price: $749.99

This elliptical is a 2-in-1 design, meaning it can be an elliptical or a bike. The Avari E175 also has some great features, however, it does not seem to be very popular and that strikes a worry.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 2.0 / 5.0

250 lbs
Stride Length:
48″ L x 25″ W x 60″ H

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UPDATE: Stamina no longer makes the Avari E175. You can compare the latest models on sale here.

There were not any reviews of the Avari E175 from the usual elliptical sites. In order to get any opinion, I had to post opinions from Amazon and QVC. Both of these sites emphasize that this machine will give you an effective workout through its programs.

“The Avari E175 offers smooth magnetic resistance with 19 different programs to help keep you challenged in your workout: manual program, 12 preset programs, watt program, user setting program or four heart rate programs.”

“Enjoy an effective workout right at home with this programmable elliptical machine. The two-in-one cardio trainer even gives you the option to sit down, so you can vary your routine for optimal performance. ”

User Reviews

There are currently no reviews on this machine. Check back often, because there may be some posted eventually.


The Stamina Avari E175 comes off as an excellent elliptical. It has many appealing features, and it is set at a reasonably low cost. That being said, you can find this elliptical on many other sites for a low of price of $449. This is the one time I would suggest buying from a third party source instead of directly from the manufacturer. Also, this company gives a horrible warranty. Most of the machines only have a 90 day warranty on parts, and 3 years for the frame. That warranty alone should be enough information to make up your decision on this elliptical.