Stamina Total Body ProStamina Total Body Pro

Web Price: $299.99 | Sale Price: $299.99

It’s hard to say if this elliptical is really worth the low price. It may get the job done for smaller sized users, however, forget it if you are overweight or tall at all. Despite the small price tag, it may be worth it to put that money towards something else.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 1.0 / 5.0

250 lbs
Stride Length:
40.5″ L x 19.5″ W x 59″ H

Expert Reviews

There weren’t many expert reviews. In fact, its hard to find any expert reviews for Stamina Ellipticals. I’m thinking that experts just don’t want to recommend these machines, because they are very poor in quality.

“Built for home gyms, the Total Body Pro is sleek and lightweight with a small footprint. The leveling stabilizer caps will balance your machine and shield your floor from damage.” –

“The dual-action elliptical from Stamina┬« is as effective at burning calories as jogging, minus the high impact on your back, knees, hips and ankles. The compact footprint makes it easy to fit into smaller workout spaces.” –

User Reviews

Both of these user reviews came from Sears’ user reviews page. Both of the users seemed to have a bad experience with this machine.

“The fly wheel was defective and now I can’t ship it back. The company who makes the item is sending me a replacement part and now I will have to take it apart and put it back together again. It is costing me for for assembly of the item than the item itself. My bad, I should not have chosen an elliptical at this price, you get what you pay for.” -sginsc, Columbia, SC

“After 3 days THE LEFT SIDE FELL APART!! A day after I took it apart and put it together again. NOW ITS MAKING SQUEAKY SOUNDS! And they are like nails on a chalkboard. This is the worst machine to buy and the calorie counter is completely wrong! I go on other machines same speed and resistance and burn 500 calories but with this one 1 hour AND ITS 45 CALORIES. AND IT TOOK 3-4 HOURS TO PUT TOGETHER. DO NOT BUY!!!” -Glo119, Bayonne, NJ

The next three reviews come from Walmart’s user reviews page. There were only a couple of users that had positive things to say about this machine, and the rest were extremely negative.

“It isnt made well it took forever to put it together and then one day it just broke while using it for no aparent reason other than over use! NOT a good addition for your workout room but will work well for a cloths hanger :)” -Moyster, Robbins, NC

“This machine is perfect for me. I live in a small apartment. It’s compact enough to fit in my living room. With needing oxygen to exercise it works for me. Since it is low impact I don’t wear myself out and still get the exercise I need. Very quiet machine. Only took my son 1 hour 45 minutes to put together.” -OxygenUser

“I got this because of the price, big mistake it took me more than two hours to put together then after two weeks it stopped working pedals wouldn’t move save your money and some trouble I returned it.” -Luv2bye


The Stamina Total Body Pro is definitely one of the cheaper models of ellipticals on the market right now. And by that I mean, cheaper in price and in quality. This elliptical is the most basic of basic ellipticals. It is pretty useless for someone seeking an even mediocre level workout. I would only recommend this elliptical to someone who is under 5 feet and who is light in weight. Anyone above that size would just feel uncomfortable on this machine. Not to mention, the larger weight may even break the machine. Many user reviews stated that their machine broke down after a few months or with over use. It would be a shame if you’re machine broke down that fast, especially when the warranty is awful.