When we were first asked about an ElliptiGO review we thought “Well, we heard about these elliptical bicycles, but would we really want to be standing up on a bike for hours? Sitting down while riding has to be so much more comfortable…right?”

Well as it turns out, the motion on an elliptical bicycle is actually quite enjoyable once you get used to it, and relieves a lot of the stress and pressure you feel after sitting on a bike seat for a few miles. Is it for everyone? Probably not. But for those who want to exercise outdoors and still take advantage of all of the benefits of elliptical machines, it’s something worth looking into.

So what is the ElliptiGO?

It’s basically a long, funny looking bicycle but instead of a traditional seat, you are standing up and propelling it via your typical elliptical machine motion. It was developed by distance runners who due to extensive injury wanted the very low impact workout of the elliptical trainer without having to be cooped up indoors. After many years of prototypes and test runs the company sold their first bike in 2010, five years after company owners Brent and Bryan first sat down to sketch out their idea for a revolutionary new exercise option.

The company currently offers 6 different models: the ElliptiGO 3C, 8C, 11R and the newer Arc 3, 8 and 24 models. The Arc series is more affordable, the base Arc 3 selling for about $999 and the Arc 24 about $1,499. They feature a shorter, fixed elliptical stride (13.8″), sealed drivetrain, pivoting pedals and is the lightest model.

The 3C sells for about $1999, the 8C for $2,499 and the top of the line 11R sells for about $3,499. All of these models feature a longer, adjustable stride. These are comparably priced to some of the higher end elliptical machines from Precor, Vision and TRUE.

What accounts for the huge price difference between the models? Features and capabilities, similar to the differences between standard elliptical trainers and bicycles in general. The more expensive models have better grips, longer strides, steeper hill capability and more resistance levels. So the Arc is a more casual elliptical bike, and the 11R a more high performance machine.

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So now comes the best part of our ElliptiGO review…taking it out for a spin!

ElliptiGO Reviews – The Guru Test Drive

The good news for all of you who are considering buying an ElliptiGO is you can set up a test drive of your own at over 300 retail locations across the United States. It’s a good idea too just to make sure an elliptical bike is something you really want, especially since it’s an investment at $1299 or more.elliptigo-8C-elliptical-bike

We tried out the ElliptiGo 8C model for our test drive. It’s a step up in price and capability from the Arcs and 3C model, with multi-position ergonomic grips, 8 resistance levels (5 more than the 3C) and steep hill capability (up to 30% grade as opposed to 5% on the base model).

Both series come in either green, red or black. Our test model was a lime green. They look a lot cooler in person than they do online…we were expecting an awkward looking thing but they actually look very cool. Getting on the ElliptiGO wasn’t too difficult. The company says it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to get used to it. I’d say it was about 7 or 8 until I was truly comfortable with the motion.

It’s definitely a very strange experience to be on a bike and not sitting down, so that element of it takes some getting used to. You kind of feel like you are on some sort of amusement park ride at the beginning. But once you get into your elliptical stride (which is a nice 16″ to 25″ adjustable) it’s very easy, not to mention fun, to maneuver.

As far as balance is concerned, it’s similar to a regular bicycle as far as orienting yourself. Also similar to the bike are the gear shifting (the ElliptiGo 8C has 8 speeds to choose from) and braking, which is a hand lever as most bikes have to stop yourself. You can adjust the handlebars and the stride to get the perfect fit for you.

The ElliptiGO bikes are built for trails and roads, so it’s certainly not an off-road bike by any means. Also, keep in mind that if you want to climb any serious hills, opt for the 8C or 11R models. The Arcs and 3C are built to handle flat surfaces and small hills. You can travel up to about 25 miles per hour…we did 20 on our test run but it was a very busy area so we probably could have pushed a bit harder if we had more open area to deal with.

All in all, the ElliptiGO elliptical bike was very fun to use. It was more comfortable than a traditional bike, and our workout was enjoyable. They are pricey, but people seem to be happy with them for the most part and the warranties are pretty solid. If you love using your elliptical machine and want to take that experience outdoors, these trainers are a good option for you.

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