The New Balance 9.5e Elliptical Review – the Cadillac of Ellipticals

Today here at the DOJO we received in a pair of ellipticals which had been completely trashed during the course of shipping. It doesn’t happen often, but some of the freight companies have the ability to screw up a steel ball-bearing. They’ll drop machines off docks, skewer them with fork lift blades and generally mess up equipment.

When that happens, sometimes the ellipticals or treadmills will come back to our shop to see if they can be repaired to be resold by the manufacturer. In this case the freight company brought us two New Balance 9.5e ellipticals beyond our ability to repair.

The frames were twisted and completely useless. It hurts the Treadmill Sensei to see equipment in that terrible of a shape.

It is especially a bummer when the units are as well built as the New Balance 9.5e. The 9.5e elliptical has one of the longest frames/tracks out there — over 7 feet long! While it might not be good for small spaces, it does give a very nice elliptical ride. Very comfortable and, because of that length, incredibly sturdy and stable. Not many residential grade ellipticals can give you as smooth a feel as the New Balance 9.5e…and very very few can do it in the under $1200 price range of the 9.5e.

The 9.5e by New Balance gives you an 18″ stride, 16 levels of magnetic resistance, pulse grip and wireless heart rate monitoring and control, 15 programs, and reverse motion workouts. All in all, the 9.5e is a very solid machine for the price range. If I had to nitpick I’d wish for a longer stride. With a 19 or 20 inch stride, the New Balance 9.5e would be a killer elliptical at the around $1200 price.

For producing a solid unit at a good price, the Treadmill Sensei gives New Balance 3.5 out of 5 golden buddahs for their 9.5e elliptica.

3.5 gold buddahs for a smooth ride and solidly built elliptical.

New Balance 9.5 Elliptical Trainer Specifications
Stride: 18″
Resistance Levels: 16
Max User Weight: 300 lbs.
Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse hand grip and wireless
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Programs: 15
Display: Dot Matrix
Product Weight: 176 lbs
Price: $1150