The Sole E95 Elliptical – One of the best ellipticals under $2000


Things have quieted down here at Casa de Treadmill Sensei now that a week has passed since the birth of my grandchild. The quiet gives me time to get back to what is important in life…reviewing treadmills and ellipticals.

Since my son-in-law has been staying with us since the birth (we’re helping take some of the burden off my daughter), I’ve decided to put him to work at the DOJO. We received in 3 Sole E95 ellipticals a week or so ago which are due to be installed at a local apartment complex next week. With that in mind, and with the E95 ellipticals all set up and ready to go, I set my son-in-law on a mission to test the Soles out. In fact, I informed him that a standard elliptical review workout needed to be run for 90 minutes.

UPDATE: This is an old review. Check out my latest Sole E95 review here.

The poor deluded fool went along with it.

The first thing I had him do was to get on and adjust the pedals on the Sole E95. One of the great features about this machine is the adjustable pedal design which lets you angle the pedals to what is most comfortable for your stride and workout. It’s very nice and it helps cut down on stress to your feet, ankles and Achilles tendons, as well as stops the creeping foot numbness a lot of less ellipticals cause.

From there I had my daughter’s husband launch in to a warm-up program. After a 20 minute warm-up, I got him to really work out using the great selection of programs the Sole E95 comes with. Now, I’ve seen the number of programs mis-listed as 20 on a number of websites, but these units only had 10 programs which is the correct number. Still, with 6 basic programs, 2 heart rates and 2 user-defined, the Sole e95 gives you a lot to work with.

The elliptical performed perfectly. My son-in-law is a medium sized guy at about 5’11” and 165 pounds, and he’s very athletic. He gave the elliptical as hard a workout as it gave him…and it passed the test. He commented again and again on how sturdy the Sole E95 was and how incredibly smooth the elliptical’s 20″ stride.

All-in-all, the Sole E95 is one of the best elliptical machines under the $2000 price range and competes very well with units up to about $3000. For those who want a heavy duty elliptical that can hold up to a lot of abuse or hard workouts, then the Sole E95 is a winner. For being just about perfect, the Treadmill Sensei gives the Sole E95 elliptical 4.5 out of 5 golden buddahs.

Oh, after the long workout, my son-in-law passed out on one of the DOJO couches. Wimp.

The Sole E95 stood up to a hard core workout by my son-in-law and gets 4.5 gold buddahs out of 5. My son-in-law only gets 3.5 for passing out.

Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer Specifications
Stride Length: 20″
Flywheel: 30 lbs.
Max User Weight: 400 lbs.
Resistance Levels: 20
Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse grip and wireless
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Programs: 10
Display Type: LED
Elliptical Weight: 215 lbs.