Xterra Free Style 5.6eXterra Free Style 5.6e

Web Price: $1,799.99 | Sale Price: $999.99

The Free Style 5.6e is by far the best value for your money in the Xterra elliptical line up. All the customers rave about this machine and highly recommend it to family and friends. This elliptical comes with 20 different resistance levels and an adjustable incline.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 5.0 / 5.0

375 lbs
Stride Length:
75.6″ L x 21.3″ W x 62.6″ H

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Expert Reviews

The Xterra Free Style 5.6e doesn’t get too much attention from the experts, as this brand has yet to catch on and be popular enough to warrant it. Still, this particular model has plenty of features to make it a good choice in the price category.

It offers a 20″ stride which is ample for all sized users as well as 20 levels of incline that you can control electronically. There is a 2″ Q factor, which is the distance between the pedals. The smaller the Q factor the more bio-mechanically accurate your step is.

You have 20 resistance levels, heart rate monitoring, a nice bluelit 6.5″ display, a number of different workout programs and built-in swivel fans.

All in all, it has enough to satisfy most users, regardless of their fitness level or size and is worth a look.

User Reviews

User reviews were extremely positive on this elliptical. The average star rating for this machine is a 4.8 out of 5.0 based on over 40 ratings.

“Very pleased our 5.6 e Xterra. Outstanding product and very responsive customer support.” – Jackson P.

“My wife really wanted a good elliptical to use at home, so we started researching and narrowed the choice down to a few possibilities. One of them was this Free Style 5.6e. We ended up going with it because she liked the display, and I was impressed with it, too. Really bright, high quality LCD with backlighting. It makes everything really easy to read. She loves it. And I sure loved the price we got it for.” -Steven F

“The Free Style 5.6e had the major stuff I was looking out for. The cushioned pedals are oversized so I don’t worry about my foot slipping off when I get going. Everything feels real comfy, and my legs and my back feel great when I’m done. I’m losing weight, too.” -Jason H

“After researching and shopping for an elliptical for more than two months, my partner and I kept coming back to the 5.6e Xterra….. Great price $999 ….but I would pay the inside delivery for around $100. Worth the time spent. Very heavy and lots of parts! Great Elliptical though!” -Michael B

“After finding the 5.6e Xterra from Costco we started shopping online for other similar products. We kept coming back to Xterra Fitness…. Great name and great products!” -Mavis Y


The Xterra Free Style 5.6e receives extremely positive feedback online from its consumers. It’s definitely a very good value and I can highly recommend it. You just can’t go wrong with that price.

You are getting a high quality and sturdy machine. The one thing that I’d say this machine may lack in is features and overall appearance. You might find a little higher quality display on NordicTrack and ProForm ellipticals. Overall, though, this is a solid buy and this is my top pick in the whole Xterra elliptical line up.