FreeMotion E11.6FreeMotion E11.6

Web Price: $5,495 | Sale Price: $5,495

The FreeMotion E11.6 is an excellent elliptical but is a bit over-priced. I have not seen it go on sale yet, but when it does, I’d take a closer look. It has everything you would want in an elliptical and more but it certainly breaks the bank.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 1.5 / 5.0

400 lbs
Stride Length:
30″ x 89″

Expert Reviews

UPDATE: The E11.6 is no longer available. You can check out the latest models on sale here.

With a number of nice features like an android powered 10″ touch screen, incline ramp, wireless controls, and iFit live technology this unit will keep users busy for quite a while. However, we don’t think the build quality and components quality is good enough to warrant the $5,500 price tag. – Elliptical Trainers

“The FreeMotion E11.6 is an elite elliptical machine originally designed for commercial use. Considered by experts to be the ultimate in weight-loss goal fulfillment…” – Elliptical Reviews

User Reviews

This is an extremely expensive machine so you’re not going to find too many E11.6’s in people’s homes. You’ll definitely find these elliptical trainers in many high-end gyms, but you’re not likely to go online and write a review. Therefore you’ll be hard pressed to find FreeMotion E11.6 reviews anywhere online. You’ll find some for their residential models and some of the older ones that go on sale at Amazon, so that will give you a general idea of what to expect. But they are not going to be model specific.

Guru Test Drive

By the time we got around to reviewing the E11.6, it was already discontinued and replaced by the E7.7. They are very similar so if you’ve found an old 11.6 for sale or you’re looking for something like it, read our reviews on that model before deciding.


The FreeMotion E11.6 elliptical is compact, quiet, and upgraded. It has extra large pedals, it’s adjustable, and can hold up to 400 pounds. This machine is great for people of all sizes. This elliptical can decline to -3% which you don’t see all the time. It goes the whole 9 yards with apps, features, and programs so you get the best workout possible.