Is There a Peloton Elliptical or Are They Sticking With the Bike and Tread?

We’ve been getting this question a lot lately so we figured why not write a post about the Peloton elliptical. The company has certainly had its shares of ups and downs, with a huge surge during the pandemic followed by an equally significant decline due to numerous issues including a treadmill recall, gyms reopening, negative portrayals on TV shows like Sex and the City & Billions, and other not so favorable events.

Still, even though sales are down and the stock price recently hit all time lows, there is a lot of interest in the company and its products, and Peloton still boasts over 5.9 million people on the platform, with over 2.3 million paying subscribers. To serve that audience, and to encourage new subscriptions, the company is working on expanding its offerings, which is why many people thing a Peloton elliptical is on the horizon.

As of now, though, there’s no talk about the company releasing an elliptical. They did however just announce a brand new rowing machine called the Peloton Row. It’s similar to the other offerings with the sleek, modern look and large 24″ touch screen display. It also carries the usual hefty price tag…it looks like it will be about $3200 plus the cost of the membership.

For those wondering what else Peloton has to offer they currently have two bikes: the Bike and Bike +; one treadmill: the Tread (the Tread + was discontinued); the new Peloton Guide, which turns your TV into a personal trainer and you can watch yourself side by side with a trainer to make sure you’re doing everything correctly; and accessories and apparel.

For those interested in using the Peloton app on their elliptical, that is certainly something you can do because there are many similarities between cycling and elliptical. The most obvious is the resistance aspect. If you’re doing a Peloton bike workout and it’s time to ramp up the resistance, you can easily do this on your elliptical, especially those with power resistance changing.

If your elliptical has incline capability, you can add that element as well to your workouts. An uphill bike ride is similar to an uphill elliptical motion.

So even though there is no Peloton elliptical as of this writing, you can use the app with your current elliptical, just like you can use it with your own treadmill, bike or rowing machine. Sure, an app developed specifically for the elliptical would be ideal…but you can certainly make this work.

We will be on the lookout for a Peloton elliptical and if we hear anything we will definitely let you know. Until then there are plenty of great alternatives to choose from on our best ellipticals page!