A Look at the Landice E7 Elliptical Trainer

Landice E7 elliptical trainerA short while ago a reader emailed us about the Landice E7, the only residential elliptical in the company’s lineup. They asked us if we thought it was worth buying at around $3500 with one of the advanced consoles, as opposed to one of the more popular commercial-grade brands like Life Fitness, Precor and Matrix.

It’s been some time since we last took a look at the previous version, the E7 Elliptimill. So we decided to take a look at the latest model.

Landice has always been one of the top brands, a solid company offering very high quality cardio machines with a unique lifetime parts warranty. Typically you get around 2-5 years on the parts if you’re lucky. They have won numerous awards over the years, are highly rated by all of the consumer magazines, and are very well regarded in the industry.

The brand is not as well known as some of the others, and they have a very limited choice when it comes to models, which some consumers appreciate. For the home there are two treadmills, two bikes and as we mentioned, one Landice elliptical trainer.

So let’s take a closer look and see what we find…

The Landice E7 Review – Should You Consider It?

The E7 is a center drive elliptical, meaning the mechanism is centrally located, as opposed to a front or rear drive elliptical.

It has a very natural smooth stride, with something called Rollmentum technology. The stride can be adjusted from 17 to 23 inches which is very generous and gives you a lot of room to stretch out. Taller users especially will appreciate the flexibility.

One of the Landice hallmarks is the orthopedic decks on their treadmills, and the eE7 elliptical has orthopedic gel footpads to provide support and more comfort, reducing impact.

You have both contact and wireless heart rate monitoring, so you can choose between the two. Wireless will give you a more accurate reading. There is also something called the Metabolic Equivalent Speed Indicator which tells you just how fast your able to run outside based on your performance on the elliptical…a pretty neat feature.

Some other nice features on the Landice E7? Close space pedal spacing which puts you in a more ideal position when you train; medical grade side rails that you can stand on if you just want to work the upper body; 500-lb. max weight capacity, iPod/iPhone connectivity, and a stereo speaker system.

Landice E7 Executive Control Panel

Perhaps the most appealing feature of the Landice E7 elliptical is the choice of four different control panels that you can choose from. You have the Pro Trainer console with 5 built in programs and 2 user profiles. Moving up you have the Pro Sports Console with a numeric keypad and 3 more user profiles. Then there’s the Cardio Control Panel, with as you guessed it more cardio focused programs. And at the top you have the Executive Control Panel, with even more workouts, special features and an advanced LCD display.

The company also offers the Landice Vision System, a 19″ HDTV as an additional option on top of your console choices.

OK…so there are all the main features…so is it worth buying? That depends.

As far as quality, construction, usability…it’s about as good as it gets. It’s rock solid, well designed and backed by an unmatched warranty. Still, you do have to spend a lot to get the better features. For example, in order to get a nice array of built in workout programs you have to upgrade to one of the more expensive consoles. The top of the line Executive console can cost you an additional $1000+ on top of the $3000 for the elliptical itself.

Also, there is no workout tracking capability or internet access. Not a deal breaker but just something that would have been nice to include at that price.

The Bottom Line on Landice Ellipticals

The Landice E7 elliptical is a solid choice in the high-end market with great cushioning, superior design and ideal natural motion.

Still, we definitely prefer the Matrix Fitness elliptical lineup, as you get more workouts, tracking capability, training videos and internet capability with touch screens and fitness apps. And they actually cost several hundred dollars less.

So we would definitely take a look at Matrix’s new elliptical lineup first and compare it to the Landice E7 to see which one appeals most to you. If you prefer a center drive model than the Landice is the better choice for you.