Matrix Fitness ellipticals are about as high-end as you can get. These are machines specifically designed with professional gyms in mind and they carry a price tag to mach, but what they also carry is the unique dedication to quality and durability that only Matrix can provide.

With their technological innovations and sleek contemporary designs, Matrix machines have changed industry standards and continue to push the limits of working out. Through models such as the Hybrid Cycle, Ascent Trainer, T7xe Treadmill, G7 Series Strength and Krankcycle, Matrix has introduced a series of industry firsts and along with its various partners it continues to make improvements that are reshaping the fitness industry.

Matrix is a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech, Ltd., the same company that manufactures both Horizon and Vision ellipticals for home use. With Matrix, Johnson Health Tech has spread its reach to the commercial market with much success. Johnson has been producing quality exercise equipment since 1975 and Matrix has been taking it to the next level with award winning results.

There are two groups of step trainers offered by Matrix: Ellipticals and Ascent Trainers. While the full line of ellipticals give you everything you’d expect from an elliptical workout, the Ascent Trainers go beyond the linear movement of a traditional elliptical machine with the added resistance of a vertical climb for an even more intense workout experience.


Matrix currently offers four Ascent Trainers: the A7xi, A7xe, A5x and A3x. All models offer a wide range of features from the aesthetic, such as built-in bottle holders and ergonomically designed handlebars for maximum comfort, to technological advances such as USB ports, iPod compatibility and on the fly ability to change programs. With a wide stride length of up to 24” and a user weight capacity of 400 pounds, these machines are made to accommodate users of any size.

What makes these machines stand out from the rest is the innovative approach Matrix takes to providing their customers with the best workout possible. This led the engineers at Matrix to design a system that lets the machine do all the work in terms of resistance and incline. Unlike most machines, where the customer has control over resistance, with Matrix you program your resistance level and incline and it remains the same throughout your workout to give you a consistent workout every time.

UPDATE: Matrix has recently entered the home elliptical market. Check out our reviews here!

The Matrix Elliptical range, including the E7xi, E7xe, E5x, E3x, and E1x, has a slightly smaller maximum stride length of 21” but also includes the same comfort features as the Ascent models. Along with comfort stride and a brushless generator for smooth resistance, the Ellipticals, like the Ascents, have a full range of technological capabilities, including a display that allows users to monitor various things such as calories, time, distance and heart rate.

All models of Ascent and Ellipticals also allow for fluid movement at a constant rate of acceleration, to help maximize the effects of your workout. And because they are designed with commercial use in mind, they also feature a removable disk covering the working parts for easy access and serviceability. They are also designed with aerodynamics and aesthetics in mind to make them an attractive addition to any commercial gym.

What makes them unique is that they are self-powered, so there are no cords to plug in, and have a suspension design which eliminates wheels and tracks which minimizes friction and maintenance issues.

Of course, all of this innovation and durability comes with a hefty price, which is what tends to put most users off of these products. In general, Matrix Elliptical and Ascent models start at around $10,000 though it is possible to find some refurbished models at discount prices at various on-line retailers.

Bottom Line

These machines are not for everyone and they certainly aren’t for the average user with a home gym. They are large and pricey, but they offer a wide range of features and are designed to provide customers with a challenging yet comfortable workout. That fact, combined with Matrix’s dedication toward reliability and durability, makes them the ideal choice for commercial gyms who want to give their customers the best possible workout experience. If you’re looking for a high tech, high-end workout, then you can’t do much better than Matrix.