Smooth CE 8.0LCSmooth CE 8.0LC

Web Price: $3,599 | Sale Price: $1,699

If you’re looking for a machine with all the bells and whistles you may need to look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for a sturdy, durable machine that is going to give you years of workouts this may be your best bet.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

400 lbs
Stride Length:
85″ L x 26″ W x 52″ H

Expert Reviews

UPDATE: The Smooth CE 8.0LC elliptical is no longer available and we no longer recommend this brand. Check out our Best Ellipticals section for our expert’s top picks in all price ranges.

“Rating: 94.9/100. Highly rated commercial-grade elliptical for home market features natural, fluid motion of trainers located at fitness centers and hotels. Durable elliptical is backed by a quality warranty and is designed to last for years. Get in shape and stay motivated with a machine that has the right balance between features and performance specs.” – Kyle at FitRated

“One of the best new ellipticals on the market this year. The CE 8.0LC reminds me of Lifefitness’ 9500 classic commercial elliptical. This is a big, beefy machine that is perfect for serious users.” – Treadmill Doctor

“The CE 8.0LC Elliptical Trainer from Smooth Fitness is commercial grade. This is the typical elliptical design you’d find in your local gym. It’s sturdy, it’s durable, and it’s backed by very good warranty.” –

“In my opinion, the CE 8.0 LC is a great elliptical that is set at a pretty reasonable price. The chances of you being disappointed with this machine are extremely low. If you happen to not like it, Smooth gives a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. I would recommend taking advantage of that if you happen to dislike the machine.” – Treadmill Sensei

User Reviews

“I have used it for at least 45 – 75 minutes every day since it was assembled. It is built for serious use, no stupid features like a fan. If you need a fan that badly get a standing floor fan and position it to blow at you. Your money is better spent on this quality machine. If you are serious about using an elliptical, get this unit and you will be satisfied with your purchase.” – Beef Supreme, Amazon user

“The construction is very heavy duty and the product works great. It can be adjusted to add a lot of resistance for a very rigorous workout.” -Mark, NY

“By and far, this is the best piece of gym equipment I have ever used. The CE 8.0LC is extremely well built with features galore. My wife and I jokingly call it “The Beast” because while it is a very large and heavy piece of equipment, it is rock steady and whisper quiet. The Smooth CE 8.0LC is a workhorse, and represents a solid and sound investment for many years to come.” – D. Montez

“This is my fourth eliptical. After wearing out the first three with daily vigorous workouts I decided to try to find a more durable machine and this fits the bill. It has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone.” – Greg


While there were nothing but positive reviews on the Smooth CE 8.0LC elliptical machine itself, there were quite a few negative reviews on Smooth’s customer service, yet many never had to deal with them as their elliptical machines never had a problem. An elliptical machine coming in at 304lbs itself and having the capacity to withstand 400lbs you know this is going to be one sturdy machine, yet along with that it is also going to be bulky and quite heavy, so be sure to assemble the machine where you are going to want it to stay for quite some time.

Unfortunately with such a bulky machine also does not fold, and lacks some features other machines do offer, such as adjustable stride length and fan. The Smooth CE 8.0LC does come with 15 built-in workout programs and 16 intensity levels that are sure to give you a quality workout. If you are just looking for an elliptical to give you a bit of cardio a couple days a week, you may be better off looking into less expensive models. Yet if you are a serious when it comes to your fitness and are looking for a good investment in an elliptical machine that is going to last you years, this is going to be your best bet.