If you haven’t heard of SportsArt ellipticals, it’s probably because the brand is not very well known. Or perhaps it’s due to the fact that the cheapest model in the series is over $3000. Either way, for those who can afford to pay thousands of dollars for exercise equipment, this is some of the best you will find anywhere in the world, and is certainly worth a look.

You won’t find too many reviews online of any of the models, simply because there isn’t too much of a demand for it. But we believe that it’s a brand that deserves its place among the high-end leaders, such as Life Fitness, Precor and Matrix…even if SportsArt is even more expensive than those well-regarded names.

SportsArt has been around since 1977, and since then it has focused on quality construction and design, vigorously testing all of their exercise equipment to ensure that it meets the very highest of standards. It is one of the largest single brand manufacturers worldwide, and sold in over 70 countries. The company has headquarters in the UK, Switzerland, Taiwan, China, and Mukilteo, WA here in the United States.

The company has a full line of cardio exercise equipment including treadmills, cycles, alternative trainers and of course ellipticals. They also have strength and medical equipment, and a relatively new ECO-Powr Green line of exercise bikes.

A Look at the SportsArt Ellipticals

There are three different series of elliptical machines: Foundation, Performance and Status

The Foundation Series consists of the E835 and E840. The mid-level Performance Series consists of the E845S and G845. The top of the line Status Series consists of the E875 and G875. All of the SportsArt elliptical trainers are commercial-grade and beautifully designed, with more features as you move up in the series.

Foundation Series (E835 and E840) – You get Myflex advanced cushioning, 40 levels of resistance, Cardio Advisor, manual stride adjustment and 13 built in programs, 400 lb. max weight capacity. The E840 adds electronic stride adjustment up to 25″.

Foundation Series (E845S and G845) – You get Myflex advanced cushioning, 40 levels of resistance, Cardio Advisor, electronic stride up to 29″, fingertip controls, 13 built in programs, 450 lb. max user weight and a 15″ touchscreen console upgrade option. The G845 is the Eco-POWR green version, with VariStride technology but no console upgrade option.

Status Series(E875 and G875) – You get Myflex advanced cushioning, 40 levels of resistance, Cardio Advisor, electronic stride up to 29″, console upgrade, VariStride, 13 built in programs and a 500 lb. max user weight. The G875 is the Eco-POWR green version.

As we mentioned, the base E835 will run you about $3400, and the E875 with touch screen will cost you around $9000. So the SportsArt ellipticals are very expensive, but worth it for the quality of construction and ergonomic design.

The company also has something called the S775 Pinnacle Alternative Trainer which allows you to move forward and back as well as side to side similar to the Octane Lateral X elliptical. For those who want more freedom of movement this is an interesting hybrid elliptical to consider.

Are SportsArt Ellipticals Worth Buying?

It’s hard to say whether or not you should go with a SportsArt. They’ve definitely improved their machines, and the quality is good, but it’s hard to justify paying this kind of money for an elliptical. You can get an incredible elliptical trainer for $2000-$3000 from Matrix, with quality construction, ideal motion, advanced cushioning, great workouts and console options.

As far as the higher end models, that will put you around $9000 or so, we prefer the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainers. You can get the new AMT 733 for just over $7000 or the mid-level AMT 835 for around $8,900.

We’re not saying that the SportsArt elliptical trainers are not worth buying. They are just very expensive, and for most of us there is no reason to spend that kind of money something for home use when there are options that are just as good if not better for thousands less.