The Quantum Q210H Elliptical Review — Excellence in Execution Under $2500

Regular readers of this site know that tomorrow is the Treadmill Sensei’s 1-year anniversary. That’s right, I have been sharing my fitness wisdom with you, my loyal readers, for 365 days now. In celebration of that anniversary, I’ll be giving away a Quantum Q 210H Elliptical to one lucky newsletter subscriber. In the spirit of full disclosure, the folks at Quantum Fitness sent this unit in for a review, knowing full well that I would be extra hard on the unit as well as let my readers know where it came from. Since we do not sell equipment here at the DOJO, I have decided to give away any equipment which a manufacturer sends in for review (that means good and bad equipment)…it was either that or hauling a test unit out to the treadmill graveyard out back!

**UPDATE** Quantum Fitness is no longer making ellipticals as of a few years ago. For comparable models check out our Top Ellipticals in Every Price Range section.

Anyway, when the Quantum Q210H elliptical arrived the first thing we all noticed was how big it was! The second thing we noticed, while trying to get it off the freight truck, was how heavy the thing is! That’s not a bad thing at all, but if you’re ordering a Q210H for your house, make sure to either get inside delivery or have a few really strong friends on hand to help move it in to your home. Luckily, Hikaru and the other guys are young and strong so I had them do all the heavy lifting. Me? I’m old and smart — I supervised.

Tearing in to the box I quickly saw that the unit comes almost completely assembled. Putting a Quantum Q 210H elliptical is going to be fairly easy for even the least mechanically inclined buyer. I’d say it took me less than 10 minutes to get up and running. I would then set out to work out a minimum of 1 hour a day on the Quantum elliptical for the next 10 days, and “recruited” Hikaru to do at least 30 minutes on it a day for the same period in order to see how the elliptical dealt with a larger user. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy about being volunteered.

The features which stood out the most on the Quantum Q210H elliptical were:

Sturdiness: these machines are solid as a brickhouse. Even Hikaru, at over 275 lbs., noticed how well built the Q210H elliptical was. He’s used to some commercial ellipticals rocking when he used them, but the Quantum had none of the swaying of a lighter machine. This is a machine you could almost do a full running workout on with little or no trouble.

Smoothness: It’s hard to believe Quantum was able to get as smooth a 21″ stride out of such a small footprint. That smooth ride comes not only from the elegant stride but also from footpedal spacing. The slightly closer pedal placement allows for a much more natural feeling during a work out program. For a comfortable stride, the Q210H elliptical surpasses just about anything else in its price range of under $2500 and even some of the big boys from Precor and Life Fitness.

Compactness: At 43.5″ x 31.75″ x 65″, the Quantum Q210H is perfect for anyone with space issues. This unit is ideal for corporate/business gyms, apartment complexes and hotels. It’s also great for someone with a workout area in their condo. I think those customers in particular will be blown away by how quiet the ellipticals run.

Bearings: Not something a regular consumer would notice, but Quantum uses bearings for its joints instead of bushings. I could get in to a fairly technical description of one versus the other but I won’t. The important thing to know is that bearings will last longer without needing to be replaced and require less maintenance. It is something a lot of manufacturers pass up on because of the added expense, and it is nice to see Quantum go the extra mile.

This is a feature-loaded machine with a 21″ stride, 20 levels of resistance, 12 programs and removable workout arms. Great stuff.

Now, the downsides to the Quantum Q210H aren’t huge but are definitely worth mentioning. First off, someone not used to working out with a center-drive style machine might find the workout to be a bit cramped or confining. What I mean by this is, you step in to the elliptical and are surrounded on 3 sides. If you’re claustrophobic you might want to try a different machine.

Second, because of the design, some of the maintenance is going to be a bit difficult for the average owner to perform. In particular, lubrication will probably take 30-45 minutes to take care of instead of the 1-2 minutes on a standard front-drive elliptical.

Third, and this is the big one for me, the console and programs aren’t the most user friendly. It isn’t a major problem but there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to the system as it isn’t the most intuitive to use.

All in all, the Quantum Q210H is a great machine and an excellent alternative to someone looking at Precor or Life Fitness grade equipment. The Treadmill Sensei gives the Quantum Q210H Elliptical 4.5 out of 5 Golden Buddahs.

Another fine product from Quantum Fitness, the Q210H Elliptical gets
4.5 gold buddahs out of 5.

Quantum Q210H Elliptical Specifications
Stride: 21″
Flywheel: n/a
Drive: Center Drive Style
Resistance Levels: 20
Display: Dot Matrix
Readouts: Resistance, heart rate, percent of maximum heart rate, heart rate target zone, time, distance (miles), strides per minute, calories, calories per minute, watts
Max User Weight: 400 lbs
Elliptical Weight: 300 lbs
Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse grip and wireless
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Programs: 12
Pedal Spacing: 1.75″
Upper Arms: Removable