The Spirit XE200 Elliptical, good solid equipment at a good Price!

I was looking at a few ellipticals the other day, and I was reminded of an oldie and goody I found in Spirit. Spirit has always had good prices, but there products have improved. While their prices have stayed fairly static, and in the fitness industry this is darn near unheard of (and impossible)! In a sea of products, some old, and some new we find that certain models are always a favorite. The XE200 is one of mine!

The reason I like the XE200 is that the price point is not scary to tell, write or read about when looking to buying new equipment.

UPDATE: This is an old model that is no longer for sale. Check out our Best Treadmills By Price section to find a comparable model.

At around $1200 or $1300 (depending where you shop) most people will be thrilled with the features and quality of this elliptical for many years to come! The XE200 has a great compact design, which is a feature that almost everyone appreciates!

Do not think that just because this machine is on the more compact side, that the XE200 is lacking in any other area! This thing offers a wonderful 3 position adjustable pedal position, with huge footings and a wonderful 20 inch stride length with a 2 degree inward slant that really makes this comfortable to use for anyone in your house!

The 30 LB steel fly wheel is huge compared to many more compact models and truly feels like a club model! The 30 LB steel flywheel allows for 20 resistance levels. This is so important for users of all fitness ranges! The varying resistance levels allow anyone to accomplish the task at hand, and not feel over or underwhelmed by their individual fitness level.

The XE 200 comes with all the fun stuff you would expect, like a water bottle holder, programs, a pretty screen, fan, heart rate monitor via polar telemetry strap or contact on handles and attractive appearance, but the really cool thing is that structurally, this is a well made machine that many companies in the fitness industry would slap “Commercial” in the name and add at least $1000 to the price tag!

This machine has a few features that many of you really don’t care about, but I am gonna tell you anyway just to drive home the point that the Spirit XE 200 is worth a second and third look-see!
First, this thing has a weight limit of 400 lbs! Second, the frame is made of oversized, commercial grade steel and is warranted forever!
Third, there are four guide rails covered with an aluminum sheaths for added stability and durability from the inside out. Last, but not least, the resistance mechanism is an electronically controlled magnetic brake that is covered for LIFE! This is worth a few Goggle’s!

Happy Shopping!

Spirit XE200 Elliptical Specifications
Flywheel: approximately 16lbs (listed as 30)
Display: LCD
Programs: 6
Resistance: 20 Levels
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Max User Weight: 350lbs
Unit Weight: approximately 190lbs
Price: Under $1400

-The Treadmill Sensei