Yowza Jupiter EllipticalYowza Jupiter Elliptical

Web Price: $1,599 | Sale Price: $1299

Along with its sister models the Pilot and the Plus, a good, well-built machine with pleasing features including generous stride length and ErgoFit pedals.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

300 lbs
Stride Length:
74″ L, 27″ W, 64″ H

UPDATE: This is an older model that is no longer being produced. Check out the latest Yowza reviews here

The Jupiter is a brand-new, rear fly-wheel machine offered through Yowza Fitness’s CardioSure line. This traditional style elliptical is being offered at $1299 or so on sale, but offers several features that highlight Yowza’s dedication to both versatility and comfort. This machine’s features are competitive with other ellipticals in its price range. Read on to learn about what makes this model unique.

CardioSure Upper Body Motion

The mobile handle bars make sure that your upper body is not neglected in relation to your lower body. These bars move in sync with your arms and chest, yielding a more comprehensive workout for your entire body. This also decreases the chance of creating muscle imbalances.

ErgoFit self pivoting pedals

These pedals adapt to your natural movements, which reduces your risk for injury. They flex back and forth as compared to traditional pedals, which have horizontally fixed pedals. Additionally, these pedals help to reduce stress in delicate joints, such as your knees and ankles, which are often overworked with traditional pedals.

16 Resistance Levels

With this wide of an array of resistance levels, there is a comfortable workout level for all parties involved. This contributes to the versatility of the machine, as everyone from the kids to your older parents can comfortably use this.

18-22″ Adjustable Stride

The Yowza Jupiter elliptical gives a good range of stride lengths. Some machines often have stride lengths that are too small, giving you little to no freedom to actually move your legs. You won’t feel like you’re shuffling your feet along with this generous range, even if you are on the taller side.

Other notable features: Tablet rack, mp3 connectivity, speakers and a cooling fan.

Guru Test Drive

Since Yowza’s line of CardioSure machines is relatively new, not much time has passed to test the durability and endurance of this specific machine. However, after testing it out in our facility for several months, it seems that the quality of the frame and the parts of the machine itself are competitive with the durability of gym-grade machines.

At a maximum user weight of 300, the Yowza Jupiter is a pretty sturdy machine. However, one feature that disappointed me about this machine was the lack of front transport wheels. Its less expensive sister model, the Jupiter Pilot, does come equipped with transport wheels so this downgrade was definitely a let-down. At a shipping weight of 273 pounds, it’s no light-weight console either. Keep this in mind when you are debating whether or not to get in-home delivery and set up, and where you want to set up this machine.

One other note is that there are only 6 pre-set workout programs, which is less than most other machines in its price class. However, if you are not one to dwell on bells and whistles and want to take control of your own workout, then this is not a huge deal. For me, I like to customize my workouts as I go so this did not make a big difference to me.

I’m a little above average height, and my testing partner is on the shorter side (5’2″). Both of us can use this machine comfortably. I prefer a 21″ stride, while she prefers something between 18-19″. Both of our ranges fall within this machine’s capabilities. This machine’s resistance ranges also offer a great workout for both beginning and intermediate athletes. I’m able to get a pretty satisfying workout in on this machine when I crank the resistance up on this. My partner, who is a somewhat more casual exerciser than I am, can set the resistance on an intermediate pace and burn away some extra pounds that way.

Additionally, the gel inserts on the ErgoFit pedals were a much appreciated feature that carried over from the Jupiter Pilot. Because your feet aren’t getting pinched, or having their circulation cut off, you’ll be able to work out for a much longer period.

The built in heart-rate receiver was a feature that allowed me to track my intensity levels as I worked out, allowing me to adjust my intensity accordingly. However, note that I didn’t use this for calorie tracking as elliptical machine heart rate trackers are notorious for being less accurate than the wireless trackers. Nevertheless, it was still a valued feature that pushed me to work harder.

Yowza never fails to impress with their great warranty policies on each and every model that they offer. This is due to the fact that they cut out the middle-man by not selling to third party retailers. This machine is no exception. It comes with a lifetime frame and braking system, 5 years on electronics, 5 years on all other parts, and 2 years in-home labor coverage. This warranty is competitive with other ellipticals in its class.

Final Thoughts

Our Yowza Jupiter elliptical review machine revealed a safe and smart buy whose returns are sure to trump the initial investment. This model is not the most decked-out of its line, but it does offer an impressive array of features at its price point which makes it a great affordable elliptical to add to your home gym. With a wide option of customizable features on this, you are sure to find a workout level that is suitable for everyone in your home. This is definitely a great addition to your life as you make your journey towards self-improvement.