Yowza Naples Plus EllipticalYowza Naples Plus Elliptical

Web Price: $3,299 | Sale Price: $2,499

The Naples Plus is the mid-range seated elliptical trainer with more features than the base model but less than the Elite. Sit down while you work out and train your core with 16 resistance levels.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

400 lbs
Stride Length:
66″ L X 28″ W X 59″ H

Overview: The Yowza Naples Plus is an innovatively designed seated elliptical trainer. The second machine in the CardioCore EVO series, it retains all the great features of the base model – Naples – and comes with a whisper-quiet Electro-Magnetic Braking System for an improved user experience.

UPDATE: As of 2018 it seems that Yowza may be out of business. Check out our Best Ellipticals section for our expert’s top picks in all price ranges.

Here are the key features of the Naples Plus…

Adjustable Seat with Memory Buttons

The highlight of all CardioCore EVO machines, a power adjustable seat allows you to work out while sitting down. It also has three memory buttons to save your preferred seat positions.

CardioCore Rotating Handlebars

The patented rotating handlebars allow you to get a total body workout that delivers results. They also allow you to work your core muscle groups and improve your muscle tone.

ErgoFit Pivoting Pedals

The highly advanced ErgoFit pedals are designed to flex with each stride to make sure your movement is as comfortable and natural as possible. The pedals also have gel inserts for superior cushioning effect.

Electro-Magnetic Braking System

The machine features an electromagnetic system for gym-quality resistance and noise-free operation. This is an upgrade from the base model Naples, which features a Servo Motor Magnetic Drive System. Electromagnetic systems are generally very precise, which makes it possible to calculate workout stats with great accuracy.

Heart Rate Training

The machine has a built-in heart rate receiver and a wireless chest strap, which allows you to measure your heart rate with 99.9% accuracy.

Yowza Naples Plus Test Drive

The unit is solidly built. It weighs well over 200 lbs and can accommodate up to 400 lbs. If you are slightly on the heavier side or if you are buying the machine for the whole family, you can rest assured – the machine can withstand years of heavy use with ease.

The step-up height is just eight inches, so it is very easy to get on and off the machine. You can adjust the seat height by simply pressing a button. You can raise the seat to focus more on your lower body, lower it to focus more on your upper body, and set it at the optimal level to focus equally on your upper and lower body.

The seat also has built-in memory to store your height preferences. Once you save your settings, the seat will adjust itself automatically to your favorite position at the touch of a button.

The counter-rotating handlebars make it easier for you to target your core muscle groups and get a stimulating full body workout. They are a lot more functional than the multi-grip handles available on some other machines in the same class.

The foot pedals respond to your stride by flexing back and forth, so you can move your feet naturally. The gel inserts in the pedals absorb the impact and reduce the stress and strain on your joints.

The machine is virtually silent, thanks to the electromagnetic resistance system. There are 16 levels of resistance and you can change levels instantly without breaking your stride.

The machine has memory slots to store the profiles of nine different individuals, so this is a machine for the whole family.

The Yowza Naples Plus comes with plenty of accessories like MP3 music port with built-in speakers, USB charging port, and cooling fan with three different speed settings. It also has a water bottle holder, which is not available in the base model Naples.

Overall, all of the Naples machines are quite similar. The up-level Yowza Naples Elite comes with a scale that syncs with the machine to create custom workout programs to help you maintain your ideal weight as well as workout tracking ability through MyLiveLight. So consider that one as well as it is only $200 more for that functionality.

One thing to note…the stride length is fixed at 17.7” on all of these seated ellipticals, which may not be sufficient for taller people. It is a little surprising, as you are used to seeing machines with adjustable stride in this price range. However, since you are seated it might not be as awkward as it would be if you were standing.

Final Thoughts

The Naples Plus is a very good elliptical trainer. It has a solid frame and comes with innovative features like adjustable seat, rotating handlebars, and flexible foot pedals to enhance your workout experience and help you get better results. The warranty is also excellent – lifetime frame, five-year parts and electronics, and two-year labor.

The lack of adjustable stride and the small number of preset workout programs are the only notable downsides, but the machine more than makes up for it with its sturdy build, large suite of customizable features, and great warranty. Yowza is also known for its excellent customer service. So, you simply cannot go wrong with the Naples Plus.