Yowza Navarre Plus EllipticalYowza Navarre Plus Elliptical

Web Price: $2,799 | Sale Price: $2,199

The higher end model in the CardioSure series from Yowza, this one has a lot of great features and capabilities.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

330 lbs
Stride Length:
62″ L, 33″ W, 63″ H

The Navarre Plus is the latest in Yowza’s CardioSure line of ellipticals. This model features an impressive array of upgrades from its little sister, the Jupiter Plus. If you can afford the $2199 asking price, its new features are definitely worth the additional money with the huge amount of health returns you are sure to get from it.

UPDATE: As of 2018 it seems that Yowza may be out of business. Check out our Best Ellipticals section for our expert’s top picks in all price ranges.

Keep on reading our Yowza Navarre Plus review to figure out if this is the right lifestyle addition for you…

Some of the highlights of this trainer are:

Intelligent Weight Management System

This feature includes a wireless scale that works together with several other inherent technologies in the console in order to provide you with personalized workouts, as well as maintaining your optimal Body Mass Index (BMI). You just step on the scale and the machine automatically adjusts itself. Pretty cool.

SuperGrip dual Action Handlebars

These revolutionary handlebars take your standard upper body workout to a whole new level. It helps engage muscles that are normally not targeted on an elliptical, such as your biceps, triceps, and deltoids.

Increased Stride Length

The Yowza Navarre Plus machines have a much wider stride length than the other models in the line. The length can increase from 19″-30″, allowing a more comfortable experience for taller users.

My LiveLight

This is a comprehensive app that streamlines managing your lifestyle. You can track stats such as your weight, caloric intake, and daily activity. You can also share your progress on social media. This app works in conjunction with the IWM feature to deliver personalized workouts specific to your personal body weight, age, height, and goals.

0-60% Electronic Adjustable Motion

With this wide of a range of inclines, there’s no doubt that you can always get a great workout from this machine. This is a significant upgrade from its little sister model, which only offered inclines up to 35%. The incline capability allows you to hit different muscles, further enhancing your workout and results.

Other notable features: 3 speed adjustable fan, USB, MP3 ports, hi-fidelity speakers.

Guru Test Drive

The first feature that I noticed immediately were the transport wheels. I was especially thankful for these because 1) this is a feature that was missing from the two sister models, the Jupiter Plus and the Jupiter and 2) this machine is no lightweight, weighing in at 307 pounds.

The maximum user weight on this machine has increased from the sister models. It now supports up to 330 pounds, a factor that is important if you are a heavier-set person looking for a solid elliptical machine. This increased range of allowance further opens up the amount of people who can use this. The machine came with free delivery and was set up effortlessly in our test center.

For those of you who don’t want the entire world to know that you’re working out, have no fear. This machine doesn’t mimic those loud, squeaky ellipticals you picture in your head. The rear fly wheel quietly whirs while you work out. It’s not distracting at all and is apartment friendly.

The warranty on Yowza products impresses time and time again. Since they don’t sell to third-party retailers, they are able to cut down on extra costs, providing a better value to you, the consumer. Along with this, they are able to provide better quality machines with better warranties. The warranty covers the frame for a lifetime. The parts and electronics are covered for 5 years and the in-home labor is covered for 2 years.

As mentioned, the increased stride length opens this machine up to taller users. One of our testers towers above the rest of us at a lofty 6’4″. He can comfortably use this elliptical. The ErgoFit self-pivoting pedals are a carry-over feature from the earlier models that provide a great amount of support to your feet. With this machine, none of us experience the numb-ness in the front of our toes that is typical of many other machines.

The wide range of resistance levels also helps to diversity the amount of people who can use this, and the SuperGrip handlebars on the Yowza Navarre Plus are awesome.

One of my favorite features on this machine is the myLiveLight feature. I hate having all of my health data scattered across different platforms, so this is the perfect marriage of all of my data in one compact place. I love that the graphic console of the machine isn’t the only thing that I have to stare at during a workout. For instance, I can enjoy reading the news or watching some Netflix on my tablet while I’m working out, and periodically check back on my workout stats. This helps the workout go by much faster and at the end of the workout, I’m left with very tangible data as to how much impact I made that session.

The machine allows up to 9 user profiles to be stored on it. The entire family can use this to better meet their individual fitness goals without feeling like the machine has to be a depersonalized device. It’s not a one-size-fits-all model, but rather a one-size-adjusts-to-all model.

I almost feel like I have a personal trainer next to me with how personalized the workouts are. The dynamic, comprehensive aspect of it will really speed up your fitness and weight goals. This machine also comes with a wireless chest-belt in order to better monitor your heart rate.

Final Thoughts

Our Yowza Navarre Plus reviews have revealed a significant number of upgrades from its little sisters, justifying the $700 or so jump in price. If you are looking to diversify the number of people who can use this machine, as well as personalize your workouts, I highly recommend this machine. Its quality is comparable to other machines in its price range. The MyLiveLight apps, the added incline and resistance options, as well as the reintroduction of the transport wheel make this an incredibly smart buy.

You can take a look at the Yowza Fitness Navarre Plus elliptical on the official company site and see if you like its features and capabilities. Also look at the Jupiter models and make the comparison.