Yowza Jupiter Plus EllipticalYowza Jupiter Plus Elliptical

Web Price: $1,999 | Sale Price: $1,399

The big brother to the Pilot and mid-range model, the Jupiter Plus has lots of great features and solid construction…a real winner!

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

300 lbs
Stride Length:
74″ L, 27″ W, 64″ H

The Yowza Jupiter Plus is the stronger, more experienced big brother of the Jupiter family in Yowza’s CardioSure Line. With several notable upgrades from the mid-level Jupiter model, this machine does not disappoint. Its offering price of around $1399 is a great value for how much this machine comes with. Its features are on par with other ellipticals in the same price class.

UPDATE: As of 2018 it seems that Yowza may be out of business. Check out our Best Ellipticals section for our expert’s top picks in all price ranges.

Here are some of the highlights of our review….

Variable Motion Elliptical Technology

The stride length range has increased to a 18″-24″ range, which is an upgrade from the Jupiter model. This means a greater intensity workout, as well as added versatility for taller users.

SureFit Pedals

These pedals help you maintain a longer, more comfortable workout through intelligent engineering. Traditional ellipticals have pedals that move only in a horizontal position. These pedals are better biomechanically because they move back and forth instead, mimicking the natural momentum of your feet as you exercise.

Built in Rampless Incline

With a 0-35% incline, your workout is entirely what you make of it. For the more veteran athletes, you can crank up the incline for a more intense workout and for those of who are just starting on your lifelong fitness journey, there is a great amount of room for constant progress. All you have to do is adjust your desired incline electronically and go.

CardioSure Hand Grips with Egg Shaped Multigrips

The multiple hand grips on this machine serve a dual purpose. Not only do they have a built in heart-rate receiver, but they also offer a more whole-body workout experience by targeting your upper body. You can choose where to grasp and that changes up your workout.

Additional Features: Mp3 connection, high-fidelity speakers, cooling fan and built in tablet rack.

Guru Test Drive

The Yowza Jupiter Plus elliptical features an extended maximum stride length from its sister model. This makes it perfect for taller users to utilize this. I’m a little above average height for a male and I can use this machine very comfortably. People that are taller should also be able to use this machine with relative ease, as most people don’t have a stride larger than 22-23″. This machine provides some buffering for that, going up to a maximum of 24″.

Again, another issue that I found with the Jupiter Plus, along with the Mid range model, is that neither of them come with transport wheels. This is a departure from the Pilot model, the entry level model in the series, that does come with wheels. This elliptical trainer stands a little lighter than its sister in the series, weighing in at 202 pounds. Keep this in mind when you’re considering whether or not to pay for the set-up and where in your house you plan on setting this console up.

I love the Surefit pedals that can be found in numerous ellipticals in the CardioSure line. They honestly make a great difference in how my lower body feels when I exercise, because I’m especially prone to ankle and knee soreness. This feature really optimizes the transfer of weight from your feet to your ankles and knees, so that no joint bears too heavy of a brunt.

Additionally, these pedals come with buffers. They absorb the shock of some of the heavier impact motions, which further reduces the damaging effects on your joints. The Ergofit pedals, which are self pivoting pedals, also come with the Jupiter Plus. They benefit from additional gel cushioning, further proof of the immense measures that Yowza Fitness goes to in order to ensure a safe workout for your joints, as well as a comfortable one for the rest of your body.

The heart rate grips are a great upgrade from the Jupiter and definitely one of my favorites. As ellipticals are notorious for less than accurate calorie read-outs, these are surprisingly accurate since they utilize your heart rate on a real-time basis. I use this feature religiously to track calories burned during the workout. I utilize it when I’m doing interval training, so I know when I should push myself harder, versus when I should back off a little.

I must say that I really enjoy the ramp-less incline. The fact that it’s ramp-less means that aesthetically, the machine looks less bulky and it also takes up less space in your house. Additionally, it allows the whole family to use the same machine and adjust it to your personal fitness needs. For instance, I consider myself an intermediate athlete. I get a great burn going in my glutes and in my quads from the 25% incline. My fellow reviewer falls more in the beginner/novice category and is satisfied with a 10% incline. We’re both extremely happy with this aspect. If you increase the incline enough, it almost simulates a hurdling motion, which greatly increases the amount of cardiovascular conditioning you get out of a workout.

As per usual, Yowza’s warranty policies are among the best in the industry. It comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame, 5 years for parts and electronics, and 2 years of in-home labor. This company never fails to disappoint in this realm. With this great of a coverage, you should feel especially at ease when making the investment in your Jupiter Plus elliptical.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I think that this Jupiter Plus model is a great upgrade from the mid-range Jupiter model. The workout is taken to the next level with the addition of several new features, such as the power adjustable incline, the increase in stride length and the increased accuracy in heart rate monitoring that the heart rate grips give. It’s a great budget-friendly option whose features are competitive with other models out on the market in the same price range. It’ll be a great addition to any family’s fitness corner.

You can check out the Yowza Fitness Jupiter Plus elliptical here to compare it to the other CardioSure models and decide which one is right for you.