5 New Ellipticals For 2017 That People Are Talking About

ProForm Pro 9.9 - New for 2017What’s in store for 2017 as far as new ellipticals? Here are the 5 most exciting new model releases from some of the top names in the business. Read on to see what these new machines have to offer…

1. ProForm Pro 9.9 Elliptical

ProForm has added a new base model to their popular Pro series, and have added another inch to the stride length. At 21″, the new Pro 9.9 offers one of the longest stride lengths you will find at this price level, which makes it ideal for all users short or tall. You also get iFit Coach training, 32 built in workouts and easy right out of the box assembly. At only $999 on sale, this one will surely be a hit!

2. ProForm Smart Strider Series

The company also totally revamped its affordable rear drive series, with three new Smart Striders introduced for 2017. You have the 495 CSE, 695 CSE and 895 CSE, all with SpaceSaver design, easy assembly and iFit Coach built in. These are great basic machines for new and casual users, with everything you need to get going towards your fitness goals.

3. Matrix Ellipticals and Ascent Trainers

Although the line was first introduced in the middle of 2016, the website has recently been redesigned for 2017 to highlight all of the great features. Matrix took cues from its well-regarded commercial cardio equipment line and put it into a new residential lineup including two Ascent Trainers and two Traditional Ellipticals. Check out the Matrix story here.

4. Sole Fitness Smart Striders

In response to all of the other hybrid machines hitting the market, Sole introduced their brand new Strider line. The ST300 and ST600 feature an adjustable stride from 18″ all the way up to 26″, essentially giving you a stepper, am elliptical and a treadmill in one machine! There are 12 built in programs, 16 resistance levels and a compact frame to fit into most home gym environments.

5. ProForm HIIT Trainers

ProForm CardioHIIT TrainerCapitalizing on the popularity of the Bowflex Max Trainers, ProForm introduced their new HIIT Trainer lineup to join their popular ellipticals and treadmills.

You get a 10″ vertical stride to walk your way to fitness, plus over 30 workouts, multi function handlebars, iFit Coach and a compact frame.

Time will tell if the HIIT Trainer will be as popular as Bowflex’s machines are.

So those are the 5 ellipticals that will be making waves in 2017. The trend is definitely towards hybrid machines that offer more than just the traditional elliptical motion, and walking workouts that burn more fat and calories.

Take a look at all of the new machines and let us know what you think!