Can You Get a Good Elliptical Under $500 These Days?

A lot of visitors ask me to recommend a good elliptical under $500, and my response is always the same.It depends on what your idea of good is.If your idea of a good machine is one that you can get a decent workout on, lose some weight, get into shape and maybe get some built-in prgrams and resistance levels on, then the answer is yes.stamina elliptical under $500

However, if by good you mean a machine with loads of programs, comfort features, the latest technology and a touch screen display, then the answer is no…you can’t get a good elliptical under $500.

So it’s really just a matter of figuring out what exactly you are looking for and deciding whether or not you can sacrifice some of the extras that you find on more expensive machines.

The reality is that most elliptical trainers that cost less than $500 aren’t built to last, as they tend to be constructed of less quality components that wear away or break down over time. As such, they tend to come with weaker warranties…maybe 10 years on the frame if you are lucky, a year or so on parts and electronics and 60-90 days on labor.

So the question becomes, does it make more sense to spend a little more money to get a better machine? The answer to this question is a resounding yes, unless of course you simply do not have the additional funds to spend. You’ll find a lot more choices in the $500-$1000 range, and these machines are built stronger with many more features.

So you’re comparing a lesser machine that will likely fail at some point to a better machine with more appealing features that will last much longer and be more appealing to use. If you look at it that way it’s easy to see why the latter is a better choice.

When you’re looking at elliptical trainers under $500 you’ll see names like Schwinn, Stamina, Weslo and Gold’s. These brands are certainly recognizable to most of us, but their exercise equipment is very low-end.They are fine for very basic workouts and not much else, and tend to have issues with parts and functionality.

Stepping up to ellipticals in the $500-$1000 range you see names like NordicTrack, ProForm, Sole, Horizon and BowFlex. Also recognizable names, but these are brands that have proven themselves over the years as manufacturers of good quality exercise equipment.

These are ellipticals with incline, bigger stride lengths, more workouts, tracking capability and entertainment features. You can see that just spending another $200-$300 opens the door to so much more.

So can you get a good elliptical under $500? Possibly. But you can get an even better elliptical if you can stretch your budget into the $500-$1000 range. It’s an extra few hundred dollars, but well worth it in our opinion!

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