LiveStrong logoLiveStrong is a young brand that has gained a lot of momentum within the last few years. Their ellipticals receive a lot of praise for being inexpensive and comfortable to use. LiveStrong is owned by Johnson Fitness which happens to own Horizon as well.

Like most elliptical manufacturer’s, LiveStrong ellipticals are almost always on sale and you can usually get your elliptical shipped for free, and that will include indoor delivery. You also get other perks from ordering straight from them like guaranteed warranties and such.

LiveStrong has been known to be a little weak in the customer service department. This issue must trail from Johnson Fitness because customers have had problems with Horizon’s customer support as well. Also, one reason LiveStrong treadmills are inexpensive, in my opinion, is because they are not made out of the most quality material. Even their most expensive, $1200 elliptical gets negative reviews saying it isn’t made from the most sturdy of material. Those two points aside, LiveStrong is a great brand and their ellipticals are definitely worth considering.

**UPDATE** LiveStrong is no longer making elliptical machines, i.e. Johnson Fitness is not making any new ellipticals under the LiveStrong brand. They are however still manufacturing the machines under their other brands, Horizon, Vision Fitness AFG (which receives great ratings from Consumer’s and other entities) and their higher end Matrix series.

Some of these models are still available at various entities including eBay and Amazon, so we’ll keep this page up for those who want to read our LiveStrong elliptical machine reviews before they buy.

LiveStrong Elliptical Reviews

LiveStrong LS8.0E
LiveStrong LS8.0E
PRICE: $799.99
RATING: Two Stars
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LiveStrong LS10.0E
LiveStrong LS10.0E
PRICE: $999.99
RATING: Two and a Half Stars
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LiveStrong LS13.0E
LiveStrong LS13.0E
PRICE: $1,199.99
RATING: Three Stars
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