Yowza Jupiter Pilot EllipticalYowza Jupiter Pilot Elliptical

Web Price: $1,399 | Sale Price: $899

A great looking, high quality machine in the Cardio Core series. Impressive stride length capability.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

300 lbs
Stride Length:
54″ L, 32″ W, 64″ H

Overview: The Yowza Jupiter Pilot is the entry-level elliptical in the company’s Cardio-Sure series, available at a budget-friendly price without sacrificing quality. This machine is currently offered at $899 when it’s on sale, a competitive value to other entry-level ellipticals. This price includes free in-home delivery. Yowza is quickly making a name for themselves in the business, with sleek looking, well-built, easy to use machines.

Let’s start the Junior Pilot review with some of the standout features:

Electronic Adjustable Incline

With a 0-25% adjustable incline at the push of a button, you can easily add to your cardio burn. This allows you to raise your heart rate, thus burning more calories quicker than if you performed the same exercise at a lower incline.

16-22″ Electronic Adjustable Stride

The versatile stride options allow for a stride that mimics that of your natural body motion without stressing your knees and joints. This is perfect for people with sensitive joints from over-use, injury, or advanced age. The fact that it is adjustable up to 22″ is impressive in this price range…usually the $1,200 and up ellipticals offer this capability.

ErgoFit Articulating Pedals

These comfortable pedals are a departure from the standard hard pedals you normally find on your gym’s elliptical. The Yowza Jupiter also comes with additional gel inserts for added cushioning, which lends itself to a longer, more intense workout since your experience is that much more comfortable. These compounding factors allow you to reach your fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

Other Great Features:

You also get FitSound speakers, mp3 port and built in heart-rate receiver for wireless monitoring.

And now the best part of our Yowza Jupiter Pilot review, the part where we try the machine out…

Yowza Jupiter Pilot Test-Drive

UPDATE: Yowza Fitness seems to be out of business. Check out our Best Ellipticals page to find a similarly priced alternative for your home gym.

At a weight of 167 pounds, it’s not the lightest of machines. However, it does come with two front transport wheels to expedite the moving and set-up process. Note that if you are planning on folding up and storing this machine, this particular model does not come ready with that particular option. The frame itself feels pretty durable and stable and I have no complaints about the structural integrity of the machine itself.

The adjustable stride length mimics your natural, comfortable foot movement to make your experience more enjoyable and saves your joints from any harsh movements. I’m a little above average height and this is a comfortable range for me. Taller users will likely be most comfortable at the maximum stride length of 22″.

With 16 levels of resistance and 12 motion levels, this elliptical offers an extensive range of options that are usually not typically available on an entry-level elliptical. This machine also comes equipped with 8 pre-set workout programs. It also allows for 5 user profiles to be stored on the machine, making it favorable for a typical family to use.

Its maximum weight limit is 300 pounds, making it usable for most users. The 0-25% adjustable incline allows me to get my strength-training in the same session as my cardio-training if I don’t feel like hitting the iron. The wide range also allows for newbies to use the Jupiter Pilot elliptical without feeling overwhelmed at the difficulty level. At the same time, I can use it without feeling underwhelmed at the lack of options. I definitely feel the burn when I crank up the resistance on this machine.

For those of you who won’t want to advertise to the entire apartment complex that you are working out, this machine is also relatively quiet, making it ideal for residential living. I can talk on the phone without being drowned out by the whir of the wheel.

Again, the self-pivoting pedals are a great feature that alternate back and forth with each stride. This imitates the natural movement that your feet undergo in order to make the workouts easier on your joints. Speaking as someone who had some knee and ankle issues from too many years of pounding the pavement, I can go on this machine for up to an hour and a half without experiencing any squeaking or pain in my joints.

The built-in accessory rack is a convenient feature that not all entry-level models come equipped with. It allows me to conveniently catch up on some magazine reading or some iPad browsing while I’m working out.

Like the rest of the Yowza ellipticals, this console is no exception to their great warranty policy that spreads across every value option. The frame comes with a lifetime warranty, the parts and electronics are good for two years, and the labor is good for a one year in-home warranty. This great policy is definitely appreciated and won’t go unnoticed, as so many other entry-level machines have pretty terrible warranty coverages.

Final Thoughts:

The Yowza Jupiter Pilot is a good, wallet-friendly value for those of you starting your foray into acquiring exercise equipment in the comfort of your own home. With a standard level of 8 pre-set workout programs, as well as a wide range of resistance and incline options, this machine is definitely family friendly. Also take a look at the Jupiter Plus, which gives you more incline and longer stride length.

The fact that the Pilot can store multiple user profiles on it at once further adds to its versatility. The self-pivoting and cushioned foot pedals provide a comfortable work out environment that is easy on the joints. This family friendly machine is a solid addition to anyone’s home, and will help optimize a wide range of peoples’ fitness levels.