Black Friday Elliptical Sales Are Starting Early in 2019!

Black Friday Elliptical SaleIf you’re shopping for a new cross trainer, you may have noticed that Black Friday elliptical sales have already started. In fact, some companies actually started their discounts the first week in November! And Black Friday is a week later than it was last year. It’s on November 29th!

So what does this mean for you? It means unlike in years past, you don’t have to wait until after Thanksgiving to save a lot of money on your new elliptical. This is great for several reasons. Here’s why…

Top Reasons to Buy Your New Elliptical Now

    1. The fact that companies like NordicTrack and ProForm have started their Black Friday sales early takes all of the stress out of holiday shopping. In the past you had to wait until the day arrived and there would be a huge influx of traffic to the company site.That meant you might not even be able to access the site, and even if you were able by the time you found the model that you liked, it could be gone! It’s similar to the offline rush, where people are trampling each other just to be the first person to grab the item off the rack. Shopping now eliminates all of that. That means less competition and more inventory.
    2. Most of the prices that we’ve seen are incredibly low, and similar to what you’ll see during the actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday elliptical sales. We’ve compared the current discounts to last year’s prices and percentage wise they are about the same. Maybe you’ll get lucky and save another $25 or so, but we say if you see something you like now, just buy it!
    3. Some manufacturers will actually price match, which means if you buy your new elliptical now and there is a better price on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, they will refund you the difference. That’s a great deal that companies haven’t offered in years past. So it takes all of the risk out of buying too early, as you’ll get the same great price as everyone else.
    4. Here is something else to consider. Companies often offer special discounts on ellipticals that are being discontinued or upgraded. They’ll have a certain amount of them left in their inventory and they want to get rid of them to make way for the newer models. What does this mean? You can often get really deep discounts on those models, and they may be worth buying for that reason, especially if the new model isn’t much different. Now the reason it might make sense to buy it now rather than wait is simple…it might not be there by the time Black Friday elliptical sales roll around. That’s right…if there were only 50 left at the beginning of November, there might not be any by the time November 29th comes. So buying early gives you a real advantage in that regard.
    5. Starting the process now also helps you make a more informed decision, as opposed to logging on on Black Friday and making a hastier choice for fear of missing out on great deals. You can spend some time looking at prices and noticing and fluctuations, which can definitely happen from now until Black Friday as inventory changes. You can spend a few days making comparisons and choosing the elliptical that most appeals to you, then place the order when you’re ready. This is a much better way to go about the buying process.

Black Friday Elliptical Sales – Bottom Line

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will no doubt bring some of the lowest elliptical prices of 2019. That’s definitely a fact. However, most manufacturers, including NordicTrack, ProForm, Bowflex and Life Fitness, have started their Black Friday sales earlier than ever, so it makes sense to start your shopping now. We are already seeing discounts up to 45% off, free gifts, free shipping, free workout maps and free iFit and other membership programs.

So the deals have definitely arrived…start searching for your new elliptical today!