Smooth V2300 Elliptical Exercise Bike Review

The Smooth V2300 Elliptical Exercise Bike is a bi-motion elliptical bike that creates a stepper and an elliptical motion. This is the best elliptical exercise bike that Smooth offers and it is also the most comfortable.

Let’s take a closer look at this machine…

The 2-in-1 elliptical stepper motion is unique in that it offers a natural vertical pedaling motion, which gives the lower muscles an intense workout while sitting. The elliptical offers a large 17-inch ergonomic stride length. Another unique feature that can benefit your workout is the forward or backward pedaling motion. This feature gives your lower body a different workout depending on which direction you choose to pedal. As mentioned before, this elliptical is built for comfort. The seat cushioning is contoured with padded seat cushions, and is built with an ergonomic design with an adjustable seat.

This machine does not have the greatest selection of programs. It only comes with seven different built-in programs that consist of: 5 preset programs – rolling hills & valley, 1 manual program, and 1 target heart rate control program. This is definitely not one of the better values that Smooth offers, however, you cannot expect much at the same time with the price being so low. One decent feature in this machine is the warranty. As always, Smooth guarantees their products very well. This exercise bike has a lifetime warranty on the frame and braking system, 7 years on all parts & electronics, and 2 years in home labor.

The top features on the Smooth CE 8.0 LC Elliptical are:

  • Wireless Heart Rate Control
  • Adjustable Padded Seat
  • 7 Challenging Programs
  • Dual Color Back Lit LCD Display
  • Foam Handlebars with Ergonomic Vertical Holding
  • Oversized, Textured Pedals
  • Virtual Fitness Trainer
  • Tilt and Go Wheels
  • Silent Magnetic Braking System

Overall, I would say most users would be pretty impressed with this exercise bike. It is very unique in its comfort and ergonomic advances. It seems to be pretty sturdy and strong and will last a lifetime, especially with its warranty. The one downfall I would say is the number of programs. Other ellipticals at this price have far more programs built-in. Since Smooth does not have any other exercise bike to compare it to, it is more difficult to find positives and negatives. This bike is set at a low price, though, and you will have a great warranty, so that right there makes all the difference.

**2015 UPDATE**

The Smooth V2300 elliptical exercise bike is no longer available for sale. It has been replaced by three brand new Smooth bikes with new and updated features. Check out the new models to see which one appeals to you.