Yowza Miami EllipticalYowza Miami Elliptical

Web Price: $3,699 | Sale Price: $2,799

A great looking, high quality machine in the Cardio Core series. Impressive stride length capability.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

400 lbs
Stride Length:
66″ L, 33″ W, 66″ H

Overview: The Yowza Miami elliptical is the elite model in their CardioCore series. Offered at under $3,000 when on sale, it comes with multiple, free proprietary apps that help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. This is also a company that doesn’t have retail agreements, which means it cuts out the third party. What does this mean for you, the consumer? It means lower prices, better quality, and better warranties on its machines.

UPDATE: As of 2018 it seems that Yowza may be out of business. Check out our Best Ellipticals section for our expert’s top picks in all price ranges.

Let’s get straight into a review of the standout features…

SuperCore Patented Motion Handlebars

These ergonomically correct handlebars help reduce injury, and allow each user to customize their workout. This helps to build upper body strength and maximize muscle toning. The SuperCore feature was designed specifically for the Miami and Islamadora models. These two ellipticals both feature a longer handle and rotating grips. This creates a stronger workout that helps to tone up those vital core muscles, like your abs, back, and obliques.

myLiveLight App

The Yowza Miami comes with 12 workout programs with a range of intensity levels. They are all accessible through the MyLiveLight app, which includes an Intelligent Weight Management system. With a diverse offering of goals, such as time, distance, fat burn, calories, etc., there is a proper workout program to meet all of its user’s diverse needs.

Best in-class Lifetime Warranty Included

The frame and braking system are covered for a lifetime. The parts and electronics are covered for 7 years, and the labor is covered for two years. This is the same warranty that the Islamadora model has. This is a very solid warranty, even for higher priced elliptical trainers.

Customizable Features

The MyLiveLight app allows up to 9 people to enter in personal data, which is very cool. The incline is also adjustable from 0 to an industry-leading 60%, allowing you to really take your workouts to the next level. Additionally, the 19″-32″ stride range (considerably more than the mid-range Captiva model) allows any size user to find his or her perfect stride, or vary it from one workout to the next. It’s like a gym elliptical right in your home.

Intelligent Weight Management Program

The Yowza Miami utilizes Bluetooth technology instead of wi-fi, which provides its users with a more stable and constant method to sync workout data from the console to tracking apps, either on your phone or your computer. You can directly connect your weight on the included scale to the console, which along with data on your age, sex, and gender, provides the console with a better workout regimen for that day, as well as a more accurate reading of your workout stats. The Islamadora also comes with this great feature.

And now the part of the Yowza Miami review that you’ve been waiting for…

Yowza MiamiTest-Drive

I must say this machine had an incredibly sturdy design and was easy to assemble. One thing to note is that the apps need to be downloaded in the proper order as stated in the manual. Don’t try to skip this step, otherwise they will not work properly, which requires a call to customer service to try and fix this.

One aspect of the machine that I really appreciated having was how much attention to detail Yowza put into the design of this. For instance, the machine stands pretty heavy at 226 pounds. The transport wheels are oversized in order to safely move the machine when you are transporting or setting it up. Additionally, this and all of the other CardioCore ellipticals include a base leveler design which eliminates any unevenness on the floor on which it sits.

As for the actual workout experience, I have almost no complaints. My feet fit comfortably in the upgraded SureFit pedals, which are made up of a thicker gel insert. This provides a happier area for your feet without losing the comfortable pivoting motion. The distance between the pedals themselves is minimized, which lets the user to keep an optimum distance between their feet.

With a 19 to 32″ adjustable stride length, this machine is extremely comfortable for me or any other user, whether they are very short, very tall or anything in between. This feature helps to cut down on knee pain that is often experienced in lower-quality ellipticals with short, choppy strides.

It comes with a standard table-rack, clear graphics and buttons and a fan. The BlueTooth feature does away with the use of bulky cables to hook up your phone to the speakers, which makes for a more visually appealing workout space. Just a little note about the fan. The console comes with a heart-rate monitor chest strap. Make sure the fan isn’t blowing directly at the Polar chest strap. If the strap gets too cold, it stops transmitting.

The word CardioCore, for which the main line is called, is named for its patented counter-rotational core motion that the moving handles create. Only Yowza Fitness ellipticals offer this. These handles pivot around a central point inside the display console. I can definitely feel the difference in my core when I’m using this machine versus other machines at the gym. You can watch the video on the site to see exactly how the CardioCore handles work.

The incline is conveniently adjustable in increments of 5%, from 0-60% which is impressive. This customizable feature is great because it provides me with the choice of targeting different muscle groups. At the higher incline it’s more of a step/climber type motion. Note that in the CardioCore line, only the Islamadora and Miami models feature both the 32″ stride length and the 60% incline…but you’re paying the price for this capability.

As a person who hates having information scattered between multiple devices, the MyLiveLight app is the perfect way for me to have all of my health and fitness stats in one place. My favorite preset workout programs to use are the Interval efforts and the endurance programs. The interval training offers several difficulty levels, so that as my fitness levels improve, I can adjust as needed. The endurance program allows me to enter in my workout duration at the beginning, which helps me take my mind off of constantly checking the clock to see if the workout is over yet. This has greatly improved my cardiovascular and muscular endurance, which has carried over by helping me run longer distances on my long runs.

Again, the manufacturers did a great job in increasing the ease-of-use of this machine. The combination of the chest strap and the fitness goals you enter in to the machine allows the console to automatically adjust the incline/resistance levels for you. Easy breezy.

Final Thoughts

Though the price of this machine may be a little steep for some, if you can afford it, the quality of this machine is definitely worth the investment. However, also consider the Islamadora, its sister model, as it offers just as many features for a couple hundred dollars cheaper.

The warranty ensures that this machine stands the test of time, and I’m confident that you will find the convenience of this machine better than other similar ellipticals. With its numerable amount of customizable features, this is a great investment that makes it versatile enough for multiple people in your family to use, allowing you the most bang for your buck.