5 Brand New Ellipticals Introduced in 2016

New 2016 EllipticalsEvery year, most elliptical manufacturers come out with one or two new models, or at the very least, make improvements to previous year models to make them even better. 2016 is no exception.

This year there are a number of brand new ellipticals that have hit the market, and several have been redesigned and/or fitted with new features and capabilities.

Here we take a look at 5 new 2016 elliptical trainer that are definitely worth looking into…

1. NordicTrack C 9.5

Originally priced at $1999, it has recently come down to $999 which is a great price considering what this front drive elliptical has to offer. It looks like the goal for NordicTrack this year is to pack in the features, even on their lower priced models.

The C9.5 offers a 7″ web-enabled touchscreen, 32 different workouts, 20 degrees of incline, up to a 20″ stride, iFit technology built right into the machine (more workouts, tracking, sharing, Google maps) and an iPod dock. You just can’t beat that for $1000.

2. NordicTrack C 12.9

Another new 2016 C Series model from NordicTrack, this one is a step up from the C 9.5, with a heavier flywheel, a power adjustable stride, 3 additional workouts and a heavier max weight capacity. The C 12.9 also comes with a free wireless chest strap for more accurate heart rate measuring.

3. ProForm Endurance 920E

ProForm adds a new model to the popular, affordable Endurance front-drive elliptical series. Joining the 520E and 720E, the 920E improves upon those models with a sleek new design, 24 resistance levels, a heavier flywheel, dual heart rate monitoring with free wireless chest strap and perhaps the best improvement of all, a 7″ full color, web-enabled touchscreen.

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4. ProForm PRO 16.9

In addition to a new entry in the E series, ProForm introduced a new top of the line PRO series model for 2016…the PRO 16.9 elliptical. This one appears to be an improvement on the 16.0NE, with design changes as well as a bumped up 10″ full color, web-enabled touchscreen. The 16.9 has a 7″ screen.

You also get 20 degrees of incline, 35 workouts, multi position grips, iFit and iPod compatibility. It’s priced high at the moment so wait for it to come down a bit if you are interested in one of ProForm’s higher-end ellipticals.

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5. Sole E95S

Last, but not least, is the new Sole E95S elliptical. Sole doesn’t introduce new elliptical machines often, so when they do it’s certainly worth taking notice.

The main USP of the 95S is its power adjustable stride, which goes from 18″ to a generous 24″, allowing you to decide if you want an elliptical motion or more of a a treadmill motion at the upper limits. This is great for those people who want to change up their workouts, and it can also accommodate the tallest of users. It’s 2 more inches than the comparable E98 model, which offers up to a 22″ stride. Although it doesn’t sound like much, those extra two inches make a world of difference.

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So there you have it…5 brand new ellipticals introduced for 2016. The trend seems to be more features and capabilities, including web-enabled touch screens, longer strides, more accurate heart rate monitoring and additional comfort features. All of this is great for us, as we’re getting much more for our money, and with all of the new features our workouts will be that much more enjoyable.

Here’s to a great 2016 for all of us! 🙂